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Keith Webb 13-03-11 23:53

Bringing things for Corowa 2011
Hi all
Will be at Corowa from Wednesday this week and bringing a trailer load of NOS and other goodies. A couple of people have asked me to bring things such as carrier suspension rods and I'll also be bringing some NOS CMP brake parts, and also a couple of cab 13 Chev doors - these are really only suitable if you have nothing as I fear a good sandblast would reveal plenty of thin bits.
I'll have some data plate sets with me too.
I hope to be able to put these with some kind and helpful stallholder for the swap meet as I'll be furiously buzzing around with the camera shooting interviews for the 2011 DVD.
Please let me know here what you need and I'll bring them along.

Richard Coutts-Smith 14-03-11 02:02

Hi Keith,
At one stage you had a "B" series bearing extractor:

If you still have it you can through it in the back as well.

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