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maple_leaf_eh 04-11-21 16:01

How do I cut 1/2" rubber mats?

Winter is approaching here in Canad'er and we've had the first hard frosts. My front steps are painted boards over concrete blocks. (The company that made the blocks is long out of business, and the lumber yard where I once found some, now sells furniture and has a housing development in the back yard.)

To avoid slipping on the steps, I found some stair treads made from ground-up car tires. But they need to be deeper. How can I cut 3" wide strips off another tread? Table saw?

rob love 04-11-21 17:13

Best thing I have found for cutting rubber is a straight edge and razor knife. That is assuming it does not have the little pieces of steel belting in them. Cut once, bend it a bit, cut again, and repeat until it is done. And of course, use a brand new razor blade.
Anything like a saw or grinder disc is going to make an incredible amount of dust or clog up as the heat turns the rubber to goo. Perhaps running water on the cut like you would with cement might help.

Mike Cecil 04-11-21 18:04

I recently had to cut some 6.00-16 tyres from wheel rims. I used a Sawzall with a demolition-toothed blade to cut out a big 'U' in the rubber down to the steel wires/belt, then an angle grinder with a metal cutting blade to nip through the steel part once I prised it just clear of the wheel rim using two large screwdrivers. Worked well: some mess of rubber granules from the saw, and a little acrid smoke from the grinder, otherwise no problem at all.

Unless you want a clean edge, the Sawzall worked well.

I've used a non-slip tape on steps and it works really well.

Like this:


maple_leaf_eh 05-11-21 01:50

I have cut scrap tires with a reciprocating saw and a grinder, and was unimpressed by the results.

I may use two straight edges clamped down, and just get going with handsaws and knives. Whatever works.

r.morrison 05-11-21 03:24

Man's Answer to Everything!!!
Number 1: I agree with Rob. You'll go through a few blades cuz he's right about the new blades. Number 2: The smart guy would go to PRINCESS AUTO..."man's answer to every problem in life" and buy the Non Slip Tread that they sell in a roll and you can cut to any length. And it goes on sale once in a while. You can probably order it on line.
My 2 cents.....Robert :cheers:

Jesse Browning 05-11-21 16:26

Rubber, unless it has the formed surface like a tire is extremely slippery. Even rough rubber will be slippery if its in the shade and moss grows on it. The house I moved to had shredded rubber mats. They were slick as banana peels.

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