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Robert Bergeron 26-09-16 02:06

Hello friends, i am in Comox now for a while.. For my good friends who like me have no idea where it was , then it's on Vancouver Island in BC. I know there is an Air Force museum .
Anyway , are there interesting HMV and collectors in the area ? Any armour or Carriers ? Cheers . Robert

Jes Andersen 26-09-16 02:48

Comox Valley
Welcome to the Comox Valley... Courtenay, Cumberland and Comox

The Air Force Museum just outside the gate is a good place to start. They have a compound full of aircraft and a few military vehicles. One of the guys there that would be familiar with HMV in the area would be Rob Roy, who has posted here on MLU in the past. Some years ago he had a very nice deuce restoration and may know of others. My pile of salvage M37s would not exactly be what you would be looking for. If you have the time, check out the museum in the Comox Mall. (HMCS Alberni?) Also one of the members here (Roberta?) has a carrier and is involved with the displays from time to time. If you have a lot more time and interest, there is a good Military Museum in Nanaimo, a little over an hour's drive away. Further south in Victoria is the Ashton Armoury with their vehicle collection and the Canadian Scottish Museum at the Bay St, Armoury a bit over 3 hrs hard drive away. Outbound traffic is sometime outrageous in 'rush' hour, especially Fridays.

I'm not at home this week but will see if I can think of anything else. Hope someone else chimes in. Still lots to see around the area if you have the opportunity. Head up to Cumberland and hit the local museum to larn about the coal mining history of this area. Its 20 minutes up the road. Campbell River is about 30 minutes north and has a few sights around town. Their museum is pretty good and would give some local background, especially the Ripple Rock video in the theatre.

Have fun!

Harry Moon 26-09-16 02:51

And if you are really adventurous i can put you in touch with a guide to take you to Yorke Island. Google it.

Robert Bergeron 26-09-16 02:53

Very nice thank you Jes. I will be here in and out ( fly in , fly out ) for several months . So yes , i will visit all those places. Again, many thanks. Robert

Robert Bergeron 26-09-16 02:55

Roberta , are you on here ? I own a Carrier and and i cannot stop dreaming of Carriers . Any chance i could see yours ? Thanks Robert

Jes Andersen 26-09-16 03:04

Robert, I'll try to hook up with you in the next few weeks, since you'll be around for more than a few days maybe we can show you some of our part of the country. My home is in Black Creek about 20 minutes from the main gate at the base... I'm away until at least next week but internet is everywhere.

Harry mentioned York Island and its one that I completely forgot but would recommend. We used to visit on the way by and landed on the roof of the gun emplacement. An old family friend served their as a naval gunner and told some stories.


Jes Andersen 26-09-16 03:08


Originally Posted by Robert Bergeron (Post 229296)
Roberta , are you on here ? I own a Carrier and and i cannot stop dreaming of Carriers . Any chance i could see yours ? Thanks Robert

Robert, try to pm universalgrl, as that is her user name... Roberta is right on your doorstep.

Robert Bergeron 28-09-16 02:31

thanks Harry and Jes. I work in HQ and live on Base.

Harry Moon 28-09-16 04:22


Originally Posted by Jes Andersen (Post 229297)
Robert, I'll try to hook up with you in the next few weeks, since you'll be around for more than a few days maybe we can show you some of our part of the country. My home is in Black Creek about 20 minutes from the main gate at the base... I'm away until at least next week but internet is everywhere.

Harry mentioned York Island and its one that I completely forgot but would recommend. We used to visit on the way by and landed on the roof of the gun emplacement. An old family friend served their as a naval gunner and told some stories.


YORKE, don't mix them up, the other one is cold wet and a long way away :salute:

Jes Andersen 28-09-16 05:48

Harry, my mistake. I should wear my cheaters when typing and not be in such a hurry. Last time I was at Yorke Island was by boat on the way back from a fishing adventure. Now that BC Parks has gotten involved, and volunteers working out there, there should be some better interpretive information available.

Fort Rodd Hill in Victoria would be another stop for Robert if he has the time for the long drive down there.

And, while not military, the Royal BC Museum is always a worthwhile stop for visitors to Victoria.

Robert Bergeron 29-09-16 00:42

Many , many thanks.

My extension on Base is 8047.

The secton is called DJA Comox so don't be afraid.



Robert Bergeron 05-10-16 22:02

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Met some of the bravest service men and women I had ever the chance of meeting during a dive exercise last week here in Comox : Search and rescue technicians ( Sartech's ) out of 442 Sqn.

The Ex was meant to practice an underwater entry into an overturned vessel and recovering a victim.

There are compartments , doors and hallways just like a regular ship but without all the clutter, furniture , cables and oil and diesel in the way . It is totally dark inside.

A participating member drowned doing this in this exact same location a while ago .

These guys practice for real situations and they risk their lives doing it.

When you meet them , thank them for their service to all
Canadians please.



maple_leaf_eh 06-10-16 15:01

If hard steel is your thing, Vancouver Island has old Sherman, Grizzly and High Speed Tractor components built up for the logging industry. There are Sherman collectors who are looking for road wheels, rubber track, dry pin track and other consumables. If you spot something, post it up. A fresh set of eyes might see things that have blended into the background.

As for your travels, one of two things come to mind. Either you have trouble keeping a job ;) , or you are in such high demand that everyone from the Saguenay Valley to the Comox Valley want you :).

Robert Bergeron 06-10-16 19:59

2 Attachment(s)
Attachment 85610Thanks Terry.

I would like to think it is high demand. My trade is going through a high manning Delta period right now.

I will keep both eyes open for the armoured stuff.

On another issue here is a shot I took during a SAR Buffalo ride on Tuesday .

Caption could read : RCAF Sartech keeping an eye out for aircraft debris during search.

The other shot would be : RCAF Buffalo plane has crooked prop !

Or, : Service member needed oxygen after seeing aircraft prop ...

Robert Bergeron 27-10-16 23:03

Back in Comox
Hello friends on the Island and Mainland.

I am back in Comox after felling a moose in Québec. Meat in the meat locker for the winter months...

Met with Roberta aka Universalgirl. Very nice person, a Vet and lot's of knowledge. She lent me Nigel Watson's books for me to read . I have already been through volume II of course because I own one . There are some very interesting stuff in Vol III that I am discovering. Thank you Nigel wherever you are for doing this monumental job !

I will be on the Mainland teaching over at CFB Jericho Beach or what is left of it Nov 11-12-13 and plan on meeting with as many of the Western command bunch as I can when I am in town.

Will keep you posted. MLU is a great meeting place for fellow enthusiasts.

Robert Bergeron 31-10-16 22:08

View of vancouver from a Buffalo aircraft
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Here is a great view of Vancouver I was fortunate enough to have on a recent flight on a venerable CC-115 Buffalo .

Underneath us the port facilities.

Stanley park, the green spit on the northern right foreground .

To the rear , downtown with all the skyscrapers.

Robert Bergeron 04-11-16 18:21

So others may live
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Remembrance Day is coming up.

I thought I should post this in order to explain why my SARTECH colleagues do the crazy things they do to save lives.

Sometimes they pay with their limbs and even their lives in order to respect this oath.

I took this picture in the SARTECH section of 442 Sqn hangar , the Snakes.

It humbling to say the least , that some of our fellow citizens would take this oath and live their lives by it.

Thanks you for your service Sartechs.

Robert Bergeron 04-11-16 22:51

CH-149 Cormorant
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Just to give you another idea of what is going on here in Comox.

The other asset of 442 Sqn here is the CH-149 Cormoran.

It is a purposely built Search and Rescue helicopter acquired by Canada about 12 years ago.

During a recent training flight ( yesterday in fact ) I took a few pictures.

First we see the asset on the tarmac . Second we see the very happy young pilot , Capt Y. P. who is from of my part of Canada .

Yann still cannot believe he is being paid to have so much fun !

Then on the other we see the flight engineer ( FE ) peering out the side door watching for obstacles below and to the side before we land on Texada Island BC. I still can't believe he would get out the side door of a moving helicopter to do that !

Robert Bergeron 04-11-16 23:07

Small world
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Speaking of getting your body out of a flying helicopter.

In the first shot we see Dom , a Sartech on the opened rear ramp of the Cormorant .

Closer up we is attached by a monkey strap or tether to the airframe but still It is quite innerving.

This most courageous and deserving service member is from the same small town in Québec than my wife ! Small world .

maple_leaf_eh 05-11-16 01:53

B36 bomb find
Changing the subject to another part of your work, fielding any calls about the diver who might have found a lost dummy nuke?

FWIW, we had a little excitement after the papers had a story about supposedly illegitimate boundary lines on maps.

Robert Bergeron 10-11-16 00:42

Flight of the Aurora
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Tomorrow, when my eyes align with my sockets , I will tell you more about our brave and dedicated men and women in uniform who protect our coasts and patrol the oceans looking for foreign warships, submarines, smugglers and polluters .


Robert Bergeron 11-11-16 00:53

Aurora in the hangar
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I have to run to Vancouver for a tasking so a quick message for today.

I went for a 6 hour maritime patrol lately with members of 407 ( LR) Sqn .

It was an awesome experience and I will tell you more when I return on Monday/Tuesday .

Don't forget Remembrance Day tomorrow.

Hug a Vet if he is your dad or mom and thank him/ her for me !



Robert Bergeron 15-11-16 22:02

Flight of the Aurora
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Here is the sequel to what I started before working all week end long in Vancouver.

My hosts were a CP-140 Aurora crew from 407 ( LR ) Sqn.

The view from the cockpit of the mountains of the interior of Vancouver Island was spectacular.

Robert Bergeron 15-11-16 22:08

Spectacular view s from the cockpit
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Here we have another view of the mountains inside Vancouver Island , enroute to Tofino .

And then we see CFB Comox and the airfield from 10,000 '

In the last shot a place called Goose Spit in Comox proper .

That is were the RCAF Marine Rescue Boats and Marine Detachment are .

It is here where the RCAF aircrew Sea survival courses are held.

Robert Bergeron 15-11-16 22:24

Remembrance Day 16
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I was in Vancouver on Remembrance Day 16.

Went to the downtown ceremony on the advice of friend Harry Moon because it was the closest one to the ferry and time was of the essence...

After the officials in attendance went away , the public was invited to present their poppies on the monument as a mark of personal respect for our fallen.

Did as invited and thought of the friends and comrades who had lost their lives , their physical or mental health while performing their duties for Canada.

A stranger put his hand on my shoulder and said thanks for your service Sir. It felt good to be encouraged by someone who appreciated .

Then I was invited to a party at the renovated Seaforth's Highlanders of Canada Armoury over on Burrard St. and was received like a long lost friend although I was a complete stranger to them .

There I met the son of my personal hero : General Bertram Hoffmeister . I could not believe the luck I had to meet with him. Thank you CO of the Seaforths ! So happens that the General's son is their honorary LCol.

Long story short , I used Gen Hoffmeister's wartime career as a subject for my leadership essay at JCSP Toronto ( Staff College ) 3 years ago. that's how I got to know about the illustrious wartime career of this Citizen soldier reservist. He was a Captain in a militia unit ( Seaforths H .) at the beginning of the war and retired in 1946 as a Major General.

Anyway, drank a few with the boys in the Mess , forgot about the world's and my own troubles for a few hours and made my way to my hotel . I had to work early the next morning.

Thank-you for your hospitality Vancouver !

Long live the Highlanders !

Robert Bergeron 16-11-16 17:20

Buff Pull 16
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On a lighter note , there was a United Way fundraiser event recently on the Wing.

It is an annual competition called the Buff pull.

The idea is to pull a Buffalo SAR plane with your team a certain distance in the least amount of time.

I was greatly impressed by enthusiasm demonstrated by the teams.

Great idea for a great cause !

Cuddos for all the 19 wing personnel who participated.

rob love 16-11-16 18:25

Hey, I got a funny story about Buffalos on the runway.

In CFB Moosejaw we had a zoo just up the road towards MJ. A captive 1000 pound Buffalo decided he wanted a taste of freedom so jumped the fence and meandered over to the base, where he jumped the fence again and wandered out onto the runways. So the MPs and runway staff were busy trying to herd the animal (who was content just to sample the base's grass) and all flying had to cease.

My buddy Rick came back to work after lunch and there was the unusual silence of nothing flying so he asked why. Someone said there was a Buffalo on the runway. Rick asked "Did it stall?"

We were called with the wrecker at around 4PM to help load the tranquilized animal into the zoo's pickup truck. However, a month later, the same Buffalo decided to do it again, meandered through the PMQs and right through the front gate, where he had a heart attack from all the tranquilizer darts and had to be put down. The zoo closed a few months later.

Robert Bergeron 21-11-16 22:31

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Thanks Rob, that's a very good one.

On another subject, I had the chance to visit another one of our installations in the area.

It is a little out of the way , so I had to navigate and do some map reading to get to it.

Once there , I was very cordially received by the very amicable Station Commander.

Upon arrival, the Commissionaire on duty at the front gate recognised the accent so he switched to the other Official language and we had a nice chat before he issued me a temporary Limited Access Area Pass.

You can find out more about the installation , it's purpose and our guests on Goggle.


Robert Bergeron 23-11-16 17:24

Suspicious object
3 Attachment(s)

I had to get out of the house on Sunday to air out so I went to Seal Bay for a hike .

It was raining cats and dogs .

Found these in a fenced in field.

The suspicious object is white but my camera could not get a closer shot and nobody was around to open up the front gate for me.

Do any of our Island friends now what it is or do I have to go and get the keys of the gate from the MP' s to have a closer look myself ?

Many thanks for your help.


Tom Clark 24-11-16 06:20

Tom Clark
Hi Robert. Welcome to the Island. I live in Victoria and am the local President of the MVPA. We have a active club here and would love to get in contact with you. Please feel free to contact me at

1942 CDLV Slat Grill MB
1952 CDN M38

Tom Clark
MVPA 10088

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