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Michael Hughes 12-01-10 13:41

free wheeling hubs for F60L cab 12
I plan to drive my F60L cab 12 when finished, and have been thinking if it is possible to make up a free wheeling hub for the front axles I have 4 front axle assembles to play with. I had thought to remove the spline on the outer axle and in the hub then machine three slots equally spaced to take three dowels mounted into the bearing cap. by using a second cap with out the locking dowels for free wheeling. it would not take to long to jack up a wheel and swap caps. has it been played with before ??? :confused :confused :confused :confused

oztankboy 12-01-10 15:26

I remember seeing a blitz in Mt Isa (Qld Aust) in the late 80's that had a set of FWH's that a local engineering buisness had made. But sorry thats the best I can tell you about them but it does go to show that they can be made.


cletrac (RIP) 12-01-10 16:25

We had a 1950? Dodge Power Wagon once that had three dowels like that only they were on a fast thread so you turned them a couple of turns to lock the hubs.

Phil Waterman 12-01-10 18:59

How about a simple approach
If you have spare axle knuckle assemblies why not just take one set brakes drum and all just remove the balls and inner axle.

When I first had my HUP 30+ years ago I did drive it around this way for awhile but quickly found that the HUP with no weight in the back had very limited of road capability. So I put inner shafts and balls back in. To long ago remember if it really made any difference in speed or fuel economy. Though from number of CMP conversions to just rear wheel drive it must be a practical solution.

Then you can just grease up crate and save the fully functional assemblies if you ever want to go back to front wheel drive.

This is my back up plan if I ever break a front axle shaft. The outer axle shaft that holds the drum on can be relatively easily machined up. While the ball assembly of the knuckle is much more difficult to produce.

Cheers Phil

Bob Carriere 12-01-10 23:29

My own experience.....
I installed free wheeling hubs on an M37....... gained 4 to five miles per hour at the top end flat out........ but got greater economy driving with no tarp and the windshield folded down on the hood.... and it was a blast except for rainy days.

Unless a CMP is going to be driven extensively for long periods at highway speeds, I doubt if the trouble and cost of the conversion is worth while. For example .....Brian Ashbury drove his armored Scout car in convoy 10K on the Alaskan highway with a set of modern highway tires and with the front driveshaft disconnected and for that specific purpose it made sense. He reverted to bar thread tires and full time 4x4 upon his return.


lynx42 13-01-10 00:44

I don't know of anyone in OZ who has made up a freewheel conversion for a CMP. We travel some long miles in our large country, and the usual conversion is to just undo the 8 bolts and drop out the front tailshaft.

Brian Asbury's Scoutcar is a M3A1 White Scoutcar like mine, and I drive mine with the REAR tailshaft out, not the front one. This makes it drive like a Mini. Front wheel drive helps to pull it around the corners. Rear wheel drive creates a lot of oversteer. It is also a lot lighter on the steering that way.
I might add that the White Scoutcar has a permanent 4wheel drive set-up with no front axle declutch.

We have travelled more than 100,000km in the White since 1986 when I first put it on the road. This may make it the most used White Scoutcar ever built.
Regards Rick.

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