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lynx42 10-03-12 18:22


The Shire of Corowa, who I might add support the Corowa Swim-In wholeheartedly, wrote to KVE Inc. (who are just a volunteer group of people trying to gve all ex-military people a good time), on the 8th March and advised that, because of the waterlogged surface to the Airport, for this year only the Airport is closed to camping and to the Swap Meet and Display day.

The Airport is not closed to usual airport business.

The Jump Shak is a seperate concern. It is run by Tabitha and Tim who make us all most welcome. KVE Inc. asks you to support them as in the past as it is not their fault the weather has caused this problem.

KVE Inc has arranged, with the help of the Corowa Shire, alternative camping arrangements to suit everyone concerned. There are few alternative places available where you can be close to your vehicle either soft skin or armoured. Bindaree Caravan has been seen as the best alternative for this year.

Bindaree Caravan Park did not had sites available as you say, but with the Shires help they have made an area available to suit us. The Caravan park is close to the Stock Yards and it is there that we may have to hold the Display Day and Swap Meet.

There are no secret deals going on as has been suggested by a few protaganists, Bindaree Caravan park owners were not even aware until 8.30 at night on the 8th March that there was a problem and they have bent over backwards to help KVE Inc. to obtain a satisfactory result for all concerned.

Please remember KVE Inc is run by volunteers who have lost a lot of sleep over this issue but have done the best to help all concerned.

We will be back at the Airport next year, weather permitting. so please be patient and enjoy "The Year of the 6X6".

Rick Cove
President KVE Inc.

Wayne Henderson 10-03-12 23:33

Swamp meet
Hi Jan and Rick,
Thank you for your regular updates on this and other forums and your effort in finding another suitable site. I will be happy just to be in Corowa.

Wayne Henderson
West Australia (It rained here once this year but i can't remember when)

Keith Webb 11-03-12 03:00

Swap meet
As most people who regularly attend Corowa will know I'm usually running around like a demented man filming while I'm at Corowa and don't have the luxury of time to sit around selling at the swap meet.

But I do have a visual list of some of the things I can bring if people let me know beforehand, such as those things on this page.

NOS Chev fuel senders

NOS Chev 216 exhaust manifolds

NOS Chev chassis rubber bumpers

NOS Studebaker hub sockets
Not illustrated here are some 1/2 ton Dodge front axles with CV joints (short side only) but I do have both types of CV joints. These are NOS.

I also have sets of Carrier spring bolts with nuts (8 in a set). If you let me know by Wednesday I can bring these with me.

Richard Farrant 11-03-12 05:15

More info on Corowa
From Scott Rough, KVE committee member, copied from another forum;

"Yes the council has declared their parts of the airport out of Bounds.

This does not mean those privately owned sections are covered in this closure. The Jumpshak is one such operation and will be functioning as per usual with their Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners, so pleae continue your support.

The Jumpshak has indictated that they can accomodate some camping on their land and if anyone who has booked to camp at the airport can see what she has available.

Times like these are not common and changes are inevitable so please be patient as information is sorted and conveyed.

Please remember that there is NO camping and access on the council owned land and expect to be asked to move on if you do.

So see you all down there and remember this is fun."

Corowa Swim-In attendees, please continue to support the Jump Shak as you have done in the past. Tabitha and Tim will have the good food as usual.

Justin Pollard 11-03-12 07:34

Thank you Rick and Richard for clearing this up for me, some of the posts were a little confusing, I appreciate the excellent work KVE does that is why i enjoy going to Corowa so much, Lets hope everything is back to normal next year!.


hrpearce 11-03-12 11:45

1 Attachment(s)
Hopefully I won't see anything I need at the swap meet as funds were drained a bit when I had to pay $8.25/ Kg for 800Kg of steak :coffee

Keith Webb 11-03-12 12:37


Originally Posted by hrpearce (Post 161637)
Hopefully I won't see anything I need at the swap meet as funds were drained a bit when I had to pay $8.25/ Kg for 800Kg of steak :coffee

Hope you didn't eat it all at once, Robert. You would have needed a lot of English Mustard!

Dianaa 11-03-12 17:43


Originally Posted by hrpearce (Post 161637)
Hopefully I won't see anything I need at the swap meet as funds were drained a bit when I had to pay $8.25/ Kg for 800Kg of steak :coffee

I thought everyone was growing Wagyu or Angus beef these days, probably why you had to pay so much for rare beef! :yappy:

It's O.K. we still raise poll herefords! :thup:

Richard Farrant 15-03-12 02:39

Important info re. 2012 Swim-In
Message from Jan Thompson, KVE Secretary ;

KVE have received approval to use the Corowa Showgrounds for our photo shoot and swap meet on Saturday. From today people who have swap meet stalls are able to set them up out there.

Plan of events for Saturday will be as follows:
7.30am: Vehicles to start arriving at Bangerang Park. 6x6 to enter via Reisling St.
9.00am:Parade leaves and goes up Sanger St at the top roundabout and goes left out towards Mulwala. Turn left at Orford St and enter the Showgrounds.
9.45am: Vehicles are lined up at the Showgrounds and will not be able to leave until 11.30am. Swap Meet Commences
12.30pm: Photos of people associated with forums such as MLU, MVCA & REMLR.
7.30pm: Auction and Presentations. Any left over promotional items such as badges, caps and coffee mugs will be auctioned along with other items. Please donate something to the auction.

Keith Webb 16-03-12 00:12

Friday morning
It's just after 8AM here Friday and we've had another rainy night; it's just started to rain again with some heavy rain forecast.

Hopefully this will pass leaving lots of mud along the river.

Howard 16-03-12 01:54

My "AccuWeather" app thingy on my phone thingy says "nothin' but sunshine from tonight onwards". So I'm still coming! :salute: :cheers:
Another inch of rain last night... that's 12 for the month so far, average annual is 22-24" :giveup

Mike Kelly 16-03-12 02:29


Originally Posted by Keith Webb (Post 161831)
It's just after 8AM here Friday and we've had another rainy night; it's just started to rain again with some heavy rain forecast.

Hopefully this will pass leaving lots of mud along the river.

They reckon its going to be clear in another 24 hours . In time for the swap meet I hope . :confused

It's been pissing down here south of the divide as well, for 12 hours .

Keith Webb 16-03-12 06:40

2.30 and still raining, although I now have 6 interviews done.

Here's a frame grab from this morning...

Keith Webb 16-03-12 06:44

Here's another grab of Manfred in his ex RAAF Dodge Command Car.

Ryan 16-03-12 07:36

Great pics keith. Thanks for keeping those of us out of the loop in the loop.

Howard 16-03-12 13:14

The rain seems to have cleared, here's to a warm and clear day tomorrow for the parade and swap meet!

Keith Webb 18-03-12 12:45

Saturday display
The rain did indeed disappear and we had fabulous weather for the parade and display. As mentioned it was in a new location at the Corowa Racecourse and it worked very well. Here's the pic from the Cherry picker.

There were some 167 vehicles present (although not all were in this display) and 23 of these were 6X6 vehicles which was the theme for this year.

Keith Webb 18-03-12 12:56

Blitz Row
Here's most of the CMPs at Corowa for 2012, starting with Cameron Reed's new build F30/F60S Ford, then Len Schutt's C8AX, Rob Jacob's C60L, Euan McDonald's C15A, Max Hedge's F15A (The Girlfriend) and Tony Elliott's Cab 12 F60L.

And here it is from the other angle:

Cameron's presence was a terrific effort, with a huge amount of work done to get her here, untested, and it was a triumph including having to drive through torrential rain and darkness. He kindly let me take her for a drive around the river below the camping ground and it was a highlight of the event for me.

hrpearce 18-03-12 13:42

I havent downloded mine or Vicki's cameras yet but we had a great time in Corowa again. Dutchy made Gregs day when he gave him a marshiling job at the show ground. I hope everyone arrives home without incident and I got to put a fiew more faces to names on the forum. :cheers:

Richard Coutts-Smith 18-03-12 14:02

Heard quite a few positive comments about the final site for the Swap and display.
Thanks for all the effort under trying circumstances.

Ryan 18-03-12 14:13

So pleased the weather turned out well for the event and everyone. That's a terrific collection of vehicles.

Ganmain Tony 18-03-12 14:43

Great Day
I had a great time, even though I only got down there Thursday. Truck went well. Caught up with a heap of good people.

The Showground/Racecourse as the Saturday destination for the Swap meet? Absolutely fantastic!!!!

Phil Waterman 18-03-12 15:56

RE: Saturday Display Posting
Hi Keith

Hi Keith

Wish you wouldn't post pictures like that, my keyboard gets all wet from drooling in envy as I look at the great photos. But from the photos is appears things got a little damp at times there as well.

Now that looks like quite a good show.

Cheers Phil

hrpearce 18-03-12 22:32

1 Attachment(s)
Photo of MLU KVE members present who remembered the photo time.

Robin Craig 19-03-12 00:22

I see fourth from left is talking on mobile / cell phone!


Euan McDonald 19-03-12 07:26


Originally Posted by Robin Craig (Post 161977)
I see fourth from left is talking on mobile / cell phone!


That may have been me just organizing a border raid while the NSW members were pre occupied. :thup2:

Ganmain Tony 19-03-12 07:53

Some photo's
3 Attachment(s)
As Im always badgering others to post more photo's. I'd better lead by example.

Left to right - Crowd shot, Jack Nevilles cracking Fordson WOT, Ron Fry's Stuart.

Ganmain Tony 19-03-12 07:56

3 Attachment(s)
More shots

Left to Right - Rolls Royce Meteor, the truck, ferocious hound.

Incidentally when they fired up the Meteor the ferocious hound got a bit terrified...

Dianaa 19-03-12 08:09

4 Attachment(s)
One participant that most wouldn't have seen:

A Vietnam vet "birddog" aircraft.

Something we have all overlooked when considering a future change of the swap meet to the showground (irrespective of weather).

Jan Thompson 19-03-12 09:23

Hopefully most people are home from the event by now. Shortly I will post a list of the vehicles at the event.

Looking at the number of preregistered participants for 2013 the KVE Committee are certain next year will be a very large event. If you didn't get a chance to complete your entry for 2013 you can mail it to me anytime. It makes it easier if you forward them early so this will give us a better idea of the number of participants and vehicles to expect. We should be able to apply for another Corowa Tourism Grant for 2013 and we are already discussing the promotional items we might like to organise. It will be Year of the Towed Equipment and Year of the Armoured Car

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