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Ken Hughes 08-01-06 04:49

hub seal
hi from the south pacific,
i was wondering what is the best
remedy for worn front hub/collar you know where the
seal runs around the collar.
mine is quite worn but not leaking?

Phil Waterman 08-01-06 07:03

Speedy Sleeve
The solution to this problem is pretty straight forward and not as expensive as you might think. Don't know the sources down your way but here is a Canadian/US company that I've had good luck with.

So far I've used Speedy Sleeves in the following CMP applications, engine front and rear seal on the crank , transmission tail shaft, transfer case all of the input and out put shafts. And they do have sleeves large enough for the front hubs.

Ken Hughes 08-01-06 09:55

hub seal
thanks phil, you have reminded me, i forgot about sleeves
i had a 741b army indian 20 yrs ago and we had the crank
shaft resleeved and torenton? bearings fitted.
the bike had been lying in a stream for some time

T Creighton 08-01-06 10:15

Hi Ken and others,

Not having had much luck with larger dia speedi sleeves on worn surfaces I had both my front hub seal bearing surfaces ( F30) machined down and sleeved. Cost $330 . They came up just like new.
New neoprene seals cost $39.50 for 2.
nz$'s + gst.


Col Tigwell 08-01-06 14:22

When I worked for Kenworth, we used Speedi Sleeves extensively.

They do a good job, and also slightly increase the seal lipe pressure, which used to get rid of lots of leaks, even on new trucks.

If when you push the sleeve on, if the sleeve bunches up in one spot, that is telling you the shaft is out of round.

If I recal correctly .002", was enough to make this happen.


Col Tigwell

Phil Waterman 08-01-06 23:31

Speedie Sleeve instructions
One of the speedie sleeve sites that I found had detailed instructions as when machineing or filling was needed to support the speedie sleeve.

I'll try to find the instruction site again.

One problem with speedie sleeves that I have found is that once you stop the oil leak at the bearing you find out that the case is leaking around the bolts.

T Creighton 09-01-06 03:00

The main thing of course is to keep oil/grease from getting on to expensive brake linings. Once you see the leak it is usually to late.
I had thought of using an epoxy resin such as "emerkit" ( really good) under a speedy seleve but wasn't game enough. Just had to say "ouch" when I got the quote for rebuilding.

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