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aj.lec 13-08-18 11:34

Photo resizing to upload
Is there any chance of getting the automatic picture resizing feature turned on in MLU ?
Pretty sure it used to be able to do it before last upgrade where it would resize pictures to suit capacity
Not having a photoshop program I Havent been able to upload to MLU for quite a while

:salute: :cheers:

hrpearce 13-08-18 22:17

Hi Andrew, Try what I do and see if your computer is the same.
Right click on thumb nail picture, select edit, resize, pixels then overtype the largest number with 700, click OK then save as, change the name and OK again and the smaller picture appears in the same file as the original.

Hanno Spoelstra 13-08-18 23:02

Hi Andrew,

The file resizing still works, but it will resize larger files only to a certain extent. When you get an error message while uploading a picture, please resize and try again.

I have actually enlarged the maximum allowable size for .jpg and .jpeg attachments to 1.5 MB and 1600 pixels width (ref.


aj.lec 14-08-18 02:00

Thanks Robert .Will give that a try :salute:
Thanks Hanno :cheers:

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