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Brian Butt 06-01-20 16:49

M8 Questions
Does anyone out there have a wiring diagram for an M8 Greyhound? Also are there different switches for the head/blackout lights? Trying to trouble shoot the electrics on the Ontario Regiment Museum's M8, and without the diagram it's a exercise in frustration! :confused

James P 06-01-20 19:09

A question to your question.
Do you folks not have a copy of the TM9 for the vehicle ? Have you called Vintage Wiring of Maine (207 465 3431) who I am sure can provide you a copy of the schematic diagram for wiring the car ? Books and manuals are your friends.

Big D 06-01-20 20:17

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Hi Brian,

See if you can get hold of TM 9-743. It is still a free download on the net.

James P 06-01-20 21:26

What Darryl says X2, easy enough to find/buy from eBay.

Brian Butt 07-01-20 16:57

Thanks Darryl, it's much appreciated. :salute: you wouldn't happen to be familiar with the two different styles of headlight switches used on M8s? The one we have is the type I've seen on Dodge trucks from WWII. I'm just trying to figure how its wired up as the diagram in the manual appears to be the pull type switch. Maybe I just need more coffee! :coffee

Big D 14-01-20 07:16

Hi Brian

What are the two types you have?

motto 16-01-20 02:28

During WW2 there were two types of blackout headlight switches used on US military vehicles. Earlier vehicles were fitted with a push/pull switch whilst later production vehicles used a five position rotary.
I assume the M8/M20 went through this change also.
The main difference in the function of the two switches was that the BO Driving light control was incorporated into the rotary unit instead of having a seperate, dedicated, switch on the dash.


Brian Butt 17-04-20 18:51

Thanks for all the help with the wiring diagrams. We since acquired the correct manuals, which will help, as soon as we can get out of lockdown. :sheep: But I do have another question; Does anyone have pictures from NWE of M8 Greyhounds in Canadian service? I know only handful of Greyhounds were ever used. but I figured there's no harm in asking. :)

Brian Butt 09-05-20 19:39

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Another question; The brake light socket hast a standard 1157 stuffed in there. This is not correct as the slots on the side of the socket are set up for pins of the same height. I'm looking for the bulb number for a double filament 12V bulb with alignment pins the same height from the base. I've found A1079 and LE-169A, but have no way to verify if these bulbs even exist.

rob love 09-05-20 21:13

Try a 1176 bulb. Two filaments of different output, but the pins are the same height. They are not super common, but when I look online I see my NAPA has a couple in stock. But you have to remember we are the land that time forgot. Retail at NAPA is $6.98 each, with a trade price of $3.88. I see them online for 41 each.
See here:

There are 6 volt and 24 volts equivalent bulbs as well if I remember correctly. Back in my tool crib days, I knew these numbers off the top of my head, but I will admit to having to look them up these days.

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