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Keith Webb 26-02-08 22:43


Originally Posted by Geoff Winnington-Ball (Post 94411)
Certain of our lot probably shouldn't go to certain places though - you blokes don't know the meaning of 'border raiding'! :D :p

Thank goodness there's only a small amount of crap you can take back without incurring excess baggage.

I was a CMP 'Mule' for Brian Gough when I brought back a C8A rear hatch locking bar for someone (can't remember who now) in Brisbane.

Richard Farrant 26-02-08 23:00


Originally Posted by Keith Webb (Post 94394)
I'm sure I speak for many others here who have been equally hospitable to me around Australia too, having stayed with the likes of Max, Tony, the Thompsons and others. The nights are always late - there are so many things to show and talk about. The time really flies!:thup2:

Since my visit to Australia in '95 for Back To The Track, I have also received great hospitality from fellow enthusiasts in Australia. Too many to mention really, but one in particular, Dave Brown shared his Land Rover 2a with me on BTTT and a number of the Corowa weeks, and let me stay at his flat on a number of occasions. There are many others who have made my visits memorable, they know who they are, to which I say a big Thank You. :salute: :cheers:

It has been great to see a good number of Aussies come over to England in the past few years for Normandy tour and Beltring and I try and help with arrangements where possible. In fact, I have one coming over to stay with me at Beltring this year. As next year is the MVT Normandy Tour, I am torn between that and Corowa. It was my intention to come over to Corowa this year but unforeseen matters here have forced me to change plans, so it looks positive for going to Corowa in 2009 for the 30th.

Incidentally, it is a great pity that the website has not kicked off, despite being advertised. It has rather missed the boat this year, for helping to keep people in touch with arrangements, instead of having to wade through several threads on this site. Is there not someone nearer to home ( on KVE committee maybe ) who could run in, with all the latest info to hand?

Grant Bowker 26-02-08 23:04

Border raiding
You are somewhat safe from the Hammond/Ottawa Rotters, it would be a bit tough to drive there towing the trailer to bring the raided parts/trucks back.

Rusty 27-02-08 07:19

The Green Thing To Do
Yes Max it is the way to go bring the ute down and enjoy the drive and green machine company :drunk:. It really is a shame that these other Yass fellows dont bring one of their lovely old green machines that are stuck in a shed all year round rotting away with disuse, the poor old trucks will have seal failures all over thru lack or any of regular use. Instead they are keen on driving some SHINY modern car that is equiped with a radio, comfortable bucket seats, cruise control, air conditioning, power windows, and a tin roof. :doh:

bstrickland 09-03-08 04:56

yeah am definatly going to be there. will be bringing up a strickland bren-tractor on a tilt tray
will arrive late friday night and leave saturday arvo staying at the airport if the gates are still open when we arrive.
i only have a limited time unfortunatly but will try to say gday to as many people as possible.

Keith Webb 09-03-08 08:08

Bren tractor
Looking forward to catching up and also seeing the bren tractor. Hope you have time for a quick interview!

Snowy 09-03-08 08:48

Me and another Weasel-mad mate of mine will be there, unfortunately we won't have any of our Weasels with us this year (maybe one day) but we should be picking up a couple Weasel fuel tanks being delivered there, with any luck.

I'm hoping I can find somewhere to throw my sleeping bag at the caravan park. I'm travelling part of the way via regional airline and they have a low luggage weight limit, so I won't be able to bring my tent. Guess I'll figure it out when I get there :)


Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) 09-03-08 23:16

Who's going with you?
1 Attachment(s)
Just curious as to whether this is a "family" event for you, or are you going alone, or taking a "friend"...?

I am reliably informed that Keefy's "friend" may be meeting him down there... isn't she, Max? Enquiring minds want to know.... :devil:

Keith Webb 09-03-08 23:24


Originally Posted by Geoff Winnington-Ball (Post 95181)
Just curious as to whether this is a "family" event for you, or are you going alone, or taking a "friend"...?

I am reliably informed that Keefy's "friend" may be meeting him down there... isn't she, Max? Enquiring minds want to know.... :devil:

Really? How cute!

But despite the picture we all know she's yours, Jif. Besides, she's middle aged now and may have lost her good looks.

Belinda is coming on the weekend to take lots of photos and possibly make disparaging remarks about all the green things.

Bob Moseley (RIP) 10-03-08 03:20


Besides, she's middle aged now and may have lost her good looks.
She would still be the better looking of the couple, anyway she may object to the coupling, I mean lets face it..........Jif?
:D Bob

bstrickland 10-03-08 03:43

:thup2: I will be attending this year and for the first time entering my newly restored Strickland Bren Tractor. Will be staying at the airfield arriving there late Friday night and unfortunately will have to leave Sat after lunchtime. Will try and meet as many people as possible to say G'day.

Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) 10-03-08 04:21


Originally Posted by Bob Moseley (Post 95191)
She would still be the better looking of the couple, anyway she may object to the coupling, I mean lets face it..........Jif?
:D Bob

Well Bob... what I had to face was the fact that she told me last year was the fact that although she thought I was really cute, she belonged to Keefy an' was saving herself accordingly... I was devastated of course, but I'm tough and I lived through it...


hrpearce 10-03-08 13:26

Ball Park
My GPS hasn't got Ball Park in it :whinge so could someone post directions for me please. I plan to leave home before 05:00 on Friday so I can meet for the trip to Yackandanda. I will have 5 spare seats if they are needed. :cheers:

Howard 10-03-08 13:49


Originally Posted by hrpearce (Post 95207)
My GPS hasn't got Ball Park in it :whinge so could someone post directions for me please..

From Wahgunyah, take Bridge Rd over the River, 1st turn on your left (at Footy ground) & the road curls around under the road to Ball Park on the opposite side.
(From Memory...) See you there!

hrpearce 10-03-08 13:57

Thanks Howard

Tony Smith 10-03-08 14:43

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by hrpearce (Post 95207)
My GPS hasn't got Ball Park in it :whinge so could someone post directions for me please.

Ball Park Caravan Park: 36 0'19.06"S, 14623'46.67"E
Corowa Airport: 3559'15.29"S, 14621'25.85"E

Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) 10-03-08 14:44


Originally Posted by hrpearce (Post 95207)
My GPS hasn't got Ball Park in it :whinge so could someone post directions for me please.

You can print out a variation of this too:

The blue marker is the entrance... keep bearing to the left back underneath Bridge Road as Howard says, and make like an army truck... :D

Scrivo18 11-03-08 15:05

The Jeep was washed and loaded yesterday, and the Stuart was given a wash and 100 Litres of Premium fuel added to the load.
We had a couple of practice laps around the front of the shop, which caused a minor traffic jam!!.
This morning the truck arrived with the Bren carrier allready loaded, an hour latter the stuart was off on the first part of its journey, it should arrive at the airport tomorrow lunch time, and if work co-operates I should be there about 9.00pm tomorrow.
Just need to pack my tooth brush


Howard 11-03-08 15:36

Upon Us!
Well fellas, it is time!
I have my trailer loaded so say G'Day & introduce yourself please. I will be at the swap meet with a couple of tyres & several ammo boxes & assorted gear. Tandem trailer behind white Falcon Ute.
Of course, if we don't catch up then, there's always the Official Photo at 12.30 Saturday! Looking forward to it all! :cheers:
PS 10.50x20 radials in case you were wondering...

Keith Webb 11-03-08 20:55

Today (Wednesday)
I'll be heading up - for anyone who doesn't know me I'm the one with the BIG video camera.
I'll have a sound recordist with me - Brian Laurence from today - Brian was with me for Year of the Carrier. I'll also have some help on Saturday from Richard Leigh who works for me - he will have a second camera and will be doing interviews as well... then there will be Roger Clarke, my partner in crime in so many productions. He's a writer/director and will be helping me with interviews.
Please remember to bring your memories, photographs and even footage of earlier Corowa swim-ins for the video I'll be compiling for next year's 30th. :thup2:
This also means of course I'll be offline until Monday night.

gjamo 11-03-08 23:55

I,ll be there
Camped down the river at bundalong. Dont trip over the fishing line tied to my big toe.

Ian Pullen 12-03-08 11:23

Corowa 08
Gentlemen, as all good battle plans only ever last until the first shot is fired I must sadly say that it is with regret that the Leopards will not be making a trip to Corowa this year.

This is due to a number of reasons,however there is a hold on the issue of Leopards to museums (excepting the Tank Museum as logic stated that a number remain at Pucka instead of returning to Bandiana then going back to Pucka).

Ours are a short way off still. So for those who were hoping to see a Leopard at Corowa (which included us) it will now be some other time.

There is to my dismay though, numerous rumours of up to 30 AFVs attending Corowa including Abrahms, Leopards, Centurions, etc. This is a Furphy and I am trying to find the source of these stories. Yes, it would be awesome to have all this hardware in one spot at one time but let's be realistic. The cost of bringing those sorts of toys is rather prohibitave. It's just not going to happen. The cost of bringing one semi (not B Double) from Sydney to Corowa return is upwards of $3000. That's just for the lights stuff. Cents & Leos will cost twice that. As for an Abrahms, it just won't fit on the roads, they're too wide.

Having said all that, I can announce though that if a running T34 tickles your fancy, then you HAD better get to Corowa as it will be arriving Friday..........

You can recognise me, I will be the one inside it with the big sh*t eating grin.


Jan Thompson 05-04-08 08:44

Corowa 2009 -'Year of the Amphibian & Year of the Blitz 2'
Corowa 2008 - Year of the Tracked Vehicle was a huge success. It was an impressive turn out of vehicles and people. In 2009 we are celebrating 30 Years of the GPA Swim-In and Ex-Military Vehicle Rally. It is anticipated that this event will be the largest gathering of vehicles and people associated with Military Vehicles in Australia. At this stage it is difficult to predict numbers however over 200 vehicles are expected. Camping will be available at Ball Park Caravan Park and Corowa Airport. There will be more toilets and showers at the Airport if Tabitha and Tim have more idea of expected numbers of people attending. It is important that you prebook your accommodation as it is becoming more difficult each year to obtain motels, cabins and powered sites. If you decide to attend at the last minute then the Corowa Tourist Information Centre has a list of accomodation that is still available that week.

The KVE Committee and members are now focused on the 2009 event and participants have already started entering their vehicles. Let us know your thoughts and ask any questions either on this forum or via PM's or emails to people on our Committee.
President: Ian Pullen
Vice President: Hugh Davis
Secretary: Jan Thompson
Treasurer: Maureen Bell
Committee members: Barbara Thompson, Euan McDonald & Alex McPherson

The Committee would like to ask people to preregister as early as possible. This enables us to get more of an idea of the expected number of vehicles and people. The town of Corowa is celebrating 150 years next year and they would like to assist us more in 2009. We are currently looking at the program of events and our next meeting will be at Corowa in July. Representatives from the town are now looking at what they would like to do for our event.

We are looking for participants who would like to assist with the organisation of the event in the future. If you are able to help us please let us know. In the past at Corowa we have had offers of help for marshalling the parade, helping at the site office, leading a trip to a nearby town, selling raffle tickets etc. We appreciate those people who are now offering to assist with design, printing, promotion etc. There is a lot of work that has to be done between now and March 2009. If you have any talent or interest please let us know. Help share the load. As the event gets closer we may ask for people to help with particular areas of the event. We will post it on this thread and hope we are inundated with replies.

It looks like there has been some interest from people overseas. If you are planning to come let us know. There are people all over Australia who would like to see you have a great time. You may want accommodation in a particular area prior to or after the event. There are many people on the Forum from all parts of the country that may like to assist you in your travels. They may also have a vehicle that you could drive to the event.

We will announce our program on here and on the website

Looking forward to receiving your preregistration forms along with your opinions and plans for Corowa 2009.

Ian Pullen 07-04-08 11:39

Corowa 09
Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the committee and myself I would like to thank ALL who attended Corowa this year and especially those who assisted in any way. It was fantastic having the assistance of club members actively participting in the administration and logistics of the largest event of this type held in the country. Again thanks.

I ask if there is anyone who is prepared assist the committee by donating a small amount of time helping us to make this event happen for you, please let Jan know as soon as possible. She can let you know what jobs we need help with and what times may fit in with you.

As Jan has stated in her post, the 09 event will be even bigger. I strongly suggest that a quick 5 minute call to either Tabitha at the Corowa Jump Shak or the crew at the Van Park (or where ever you plan on staying) now will save a bit of personal angst in the weeks before the event. As stated, the 30th year of this event will be rather large to say the least. We are expecting 200 entries. Place on that an average of 3 people per vehicle entry and that equates to a lot of people wanting accommodation. Remember, this year co-incides with the 150 celebrations for the town so accommodation is expected to be at a premium.

Please book early, and if you are going to spend 5 minutes on the phone to places in Corowa looking for somewhere to stay, you may as well spend an extra 5 minutes filling out your entry & sending it to Jan.

Get it over with....

There will probably be a few changes again this coming year. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the roads and entry into the Van Park where we normally start, may not exist next year. Do not get wrapped around the axles with this. Let the committee sort it out. We have plans already under way in case this eventuates.

For those who have already registered for next year, (& there are some), thank you.

For those interested, we already have a number of armoured vehicles attending next year in addition to some (other) rather interesting entries. You will just have to come and see for yourselves.

For those who are planning on setting up a stall for the swapmeet, I suggest you bring a folding gazebo or beach umbrella. Hopefully the heat won't be so extreme next year or it may do something to our visiting Canucks........

In summary, there will be even more going on next year. Therefore I suggest that ten minutes now sorting out accommodation and sending off your entry, will save a lot of time closer to the actual event.


Rusty 11-04-08 12:15

The Airport Site Sucks for Families
Yes that was rather blunt but that’s how I feel about the place when it comes to supporting the swap meet and camping. If we want this event and the military vehicle preservation movement to grow we need the support of our wives and children who will become the next generation of collectors. Lets make this event more than just men and their toys.

Bamarang park offers a playground, grass underfoot and shelter from the sun it also allows partners who are less than smitten with your shopping activity to walk back to camp or up to the shops. This is a much more family oriented venue, in years past Corowa locals also used to wander thru the vehicles parked over the road for a looksee.

The airport has none of these facilities; stalls were set up on gravel roadways were a number of cars drove thru the crowd why was the area not sealed off? cars and shoppers don’t mix.

I can fully understand the need for using the airport to support the tracked vehicles it would also make a great parking bay for those that bring prime movers to support there kit. BUT why split the event to two locations if there is no heavy tracked stuff or a big increase in numbers?

There are two types of people who attend Corowa, those who attend every year and those that turn every few years. The regulars all camp on their little patch of turf with a vehicle of choice others are influenced by the Year of Theme; but after attending for the last 8 years growth has been steady but not exponential . I have read that we will have 200 attend next year but this is just an estimate and I can see no metrics presented that leads to this conclusion.

In summary Ball park can probably accommodate a lot more, I have never booked and always got a site, in fact unless it’s a Cabin you want the manager advises just turn up. With a little thoughtfulness by attendee’s, prime movers and support trailers could be parked at the airport freeing a large amount of grassed areas.

Lets keep the event together at Ball Park but have contingency in place in case of an overflow.

alexmacca30 11-04-08 14:43

Swap meeting at the airport
The committee are fully aware that the airport is not exactly family friendly. However, you are talking about one small part of the entire event, being the swap meeting.

To explain an issue that was brought up from past events was the problem of people racing back from the photo shoot to Bangerang Park. One year this did create many safety concerns with the Year of the Carrier. There were vehicles going everywhere.

So to alleviate these issues, the swap meeting was moved to the Airport site as a trial. From what I heard this worked well (I was busy dismantling a Traffic Management Plan so was not there for the end of the photo shoot).

With tracked vehicles attending next year the airport will be in use again.

I had my family there who basically didn't see me due to the arrangements I had to make to organise the parade and vehicle management. It was very difficult to split myself into two places at once. With the Saturday being the main day and yes a lot of the action was happening at the airport in the heat, it is only one day and attending the activities there is optional.

This coming event there will be as much happening at both locations (water levels being kinder we hope).

We need to remain more safety conscious in todays society and having the swap meet at the airport has alleviated this issue.


Rusty 11-04-08 15:07

Issue of the Airport

To explain an issue that was brought up from past events was the problem of people racing back from the photo shoot to Bangerang Park. One year this did create many safety concerns with the Year of the Carrier. There were vehicles going everywhere.
There could be other ways and options to be looked at to accommodate families and alleviate a rush to Bamarang Park, heres one suggestion I am sure there could be others with more ideas. 2009 is still a little way off so it may be good for the event to open a new page and consider ideas that are offered.

Heres one

Form up at the airport in the large space afforded there, take photos and then move off in order of parade to Bamarang Park. The space afforded by the airport should put things into a decent order unlike the crowding and jumble that takes place outside of the bridge crossing.

alexmacca30 11-04-08 15:28

We're always open to suggestions however, there are a few issues with that suggestion.
Firstly, we need council approval. It is one thing to form up at the bridge and create a traffic jam going into the airport, doing it in reverse is out of the question as it disrupts the shop trade. There is also the added costs of the staff member from Australian Traffic control, the staff from VRA and the extra traffic management plan that requires approval. There are far more logistics than just running a convoy back the other way.

Not a happening thing.


Rusty 11-04-08 15:56

Not a happening thing.?
Gee you seem to have spat the dummy at that suggestion Alex


Not a happening thing.
To me a one way trip in either direction through Corowa would take the same resources and have a similar effect, do people in Corowa only shop on the right hand side of the street on Saturdays?

I suggest Alex that your answer does not really convey any discernable picture of the problems involved that others may wish to help you with. But it’s just a little rant of authority and inflexibility to a suggestion.


Not a happening thing.

alexmacca30 11-04-08 16:19

Nope, not spitting the dummy, just making everyone aware that it's not quite as simple as turning a parade around and going back the other way. I don't think that the council would approve of doing it that way.

Also remember that KVE have to pay for services of appropriately qualified people to man the traffic management. It is not just a case of using the same resources. A different route would be required by council to avoid the main street. It is a matter of everything being approved.

I know what you are suggesting, it's just easier said than done.

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