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Jan Thompson 16-05-16 11:19

Participant Survey for Corowa
Hi all
KVE have developed a survey and we have endeavoured to distribute this to all on our database. The annual GPA Swim-In and Military Vehicle Gathering at Corowa started off in 1980 and has always been an informal event basically for the participants own enjoyment of meeting up with other like-minded people and being able to exchange information, parts and meet up with friends. The Saturday parade and display at the Showground has enabled others to enjoy the sights of our vehicles, but predominantly it is more of a gathering, unlike events such as War and Peace in the UK, which is a completely different type of event and of no comparison. We are seeking valuable feedback to see how the participants and visitors feel on various aspects of the event.
This survey is aimed at those participants who have attended the Corowa Swim-In at any time. KVE Committee are all volunteers. The information will be collated by nominated members of our Committee members will respond to you.

If you are not on our database you may want to let us know. The survey is due back by 9th July and we will put the results out after our General Meeting on Saturday 30th July.

We encourage all people including women and children to complete the form.

Currently the file is too large to add as an attachment so please send an email to: and I will forward a survey to you.

We are going to see if we can add this survey to the Swim-In Website and then attach a link for you.

Jan Thompson-Creamer

Richard Farrant 17-05-16 20:49

Hi all,
The Participant Survey form for the Corowa Swim-In is now available to download from the website.
Here is a direct link:

We are asking all participants to take part, not just of this years event but of past years as well.

Please ensure all survey forms are returned by the 9th July this year.

KVE News Editor

Jan Thompson 14-06-16 14:49

There is still 3 weeks left to submit your Survey. We are getting some interesting comments and here is your opportunity to have a say in the largest military vehicle event in the Southern Hemisphere.

Take a look at the link from Richard's post.

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