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Richard Farrant 28-10-19 01:22

Corowa Swim-In 2020
The 41st Annual Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering will take place at Corowa, NSW, Australia from 9th to 15th March 2020.
The latest KVE News is now out and linked on our website, or you can view the newsletter directly by clicking on the link below:

The theme for 2020 will be Year of the Military Motorcycle. As usual, all other military vehicles are welcomed and encouraged to enter as well.

At the back of the newsletter (and available to download off the website) is the entry form. Those entering have the opportunity to order anniversary number plates (not rego plates), either sequentially numbered or without. See last page of the newsletter. These plates are only available to those sending in Entry Forms.

best regards,
Richard Farrant
President - Khaki Vehicle Enthusiasts Inc.

hrpearce 28-10-19 01:37

accommodation booked and entry form posted.

Richard Farrant 28-10-19 01:46


Originally Posted by hrpearce (Post 264170)
accommodation booked and entry form posted.

Good one Robert :thup2:

Jan Thompson 11-12-19 02:43

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We have decided to do 2 types of numberplates for our 40th Anniversary commemorative item. The following conditions are:
These plates are only available to those completing entry forms as participants. To secure a plate this needs to be paid along with your entry. See bottom of entry form for details to complete. Orders for plates close on 1st February 2020
1. Sequential numbering from 001 to 150
The following numbers will be auctioned on Friday 13th March at the Corowa-Rutherglen Football Netball Club:
1-10, 39-45, 88, 90, 101, 108, 109, 110
Cost $30 each

When your entry is received we will contact you to let you know if the particular number you have chosen is available. If it isnít you will be able to negotiate a number.
2. 40th Anniversary standard plates
Cost $25 each

Currently we have the following numbers sequential number plates available;
017, 023, 024, 026, 027, 028, 033, 036, 037, 057, 062, 076, 083, 084, 085, 086, 092, 095, 096, 097, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 129, 130, 131, 132, 134, 135, 136, 137, 140, 146, 148

Attached is an entry form and when I receive your order I will confirm if the number is still available.

Jan Thompson 11-12-19 02:45

Ball Park Caravan Park update:
As it stands there are 158 powered sites, substantially up from 2019. They expect the numbers of unpowered sites will be the same as last year utilising the oval area and the area from the cricket nets to the pool fence. The area that was along Bridge road is no longer part of Ball Park. It is now designated as public open space, so there are no sites, no power and no camping in that area. People who were in this area have been allocated another area within the fenced area of the Park.

Attached is a map of the powered sites.

Richard Farrant 11-12-19 11:44

1 Attachment(s)
Here is the map of Ball Park Caravan Park that Jan refers to in previous post:

Jan Thompson 15-12-19 03:03

Numbers 017, 084 and 131 have now gone. The list below are still available.

023, 024, 026, 027, 028, 033, 036, 037, 057, 062, 076, 083, 085, 086, 092, 095, 096, 097, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 129, 130, 132, 134, 135, 136, 137, 140, 146, 148

Jan Thompson 16-01-20 11:36

latest updates
The January edition of the KVE newsletter has just been released. If you want an emailed copy send an email to us.

For those wanting a swap meet stall contact Jan McKenna ASAP.
The trips on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are to some interesting locations.

Anyone who would like to share some stories from the past 40 years are encouraged to contact Jan on 0412078096. On Friday 13th March we have a function organised at the Corowa Rutherglen Football Netball Club across the road from Ball Park Caravan Park where there will be a meal followed by a driver's briefing then we are hoping a number of people will get up and talk about their experiences of attending the swim-in. Whether you have been going for many years, a few years or for the first time we encourage people to share their stories. When you come to the site office you will be asked to put your name down if you will be attending this function. This will give the club an idea of the numbers of people they will be catering for. This is also when some of the Number Plates will be auctioned. If you don't want to attend the meal you are welcome to come across and join in the celebrations.

Keith Webb has put together an interesting DVD on the 40 years of The Corowa Swim-in and will release his DVD covering last years event.
There are less than 40 of the sequential number plates left so if you want to secure a number let us know. Lets hope Keith puts a short clip on each of the DVD's on here!

If anyone would like to do a shift on the site office or help with mustering vehicles for the parade let us know. This event needs people to volunteer some time.

From Wednesday to Friday there are some interesting trips planned and we will have route cards at the site office and will ask you put your name down if you are planning to attend.

Program of Activities:
Route cards for all the trips will be available at the Site Office - make sure you put your name on the lists if you intend to do a trip.

Wednesday 11th March:
9am: Departure from Ball Park. Trip around the Chiltern area will be suitable for most vehicles, then after lunch there will some All-Wheel driving suitable for vehicles no larger than a 6x6 Land Rover. Organise your own lunch in Chiltern. Please make sure you have a route card and read it prior to the trip.

Thursday 12th March:
Depart Ball Park at 10am. for trip to Howlong:
-Arrive at the Park across the road from the Howlong Public school or pre-school at 11am, this gives us an hour to drive the 30km involved and park up.
-When the visit at Howlong schools finishes, we can make our way to the main street of Howlong for lunch. There are a few options for lunch in Howlong however it can be up to the individual to source their own lunch.
-1pm depart Howlong and drive to the Avro Anson landing site for a look. This will take about 20 minutes to get to as it is 13km from Howlong. There is about 8km of well-formed gravel road.
-After 10 or 15 minutes at the landing site we drive to Brocklesby which is about 17km from the landing site. Here we stop at Blacksmith Park for a cuppa and a talk about the Avro Anson crash and at 2pm the kids from the Brocklesby school will wander over for a look at our vehicles.
-Everyone to make their own way back to Ball Park. Stop at the Balldale Hotel if open.

Friday 13th March:
7:30-9:00am: KVE BBQ at Ball Park Caravan Park
9:00am: Trip ending up at Wooragee for lunch. Richard is organising a Motorcycle Run just for motorcycles. The other vehicles will leave Ball Park Caravan Park and go to Lake Moodemere where there will be a Land Rover photo shoot. After the photoshoot we will then go to the Chiltern Motor Museum. Entry $5. We are then going to the district of Wooragee where the local tennis club will provide lunch at a reasonable price as they are fundraising for new tennis courts. The Motorcycles will attend this function and then they could go back via the motor museum. The children from the local school will view the vehicles. In the afternoon people may be able to view the Lucas Mill business which is located in Wooragee before heading back to Corowa. (Over 18,500 Lucas Mill portable sawmills sold into more than 100 different countries around the world!)

Friday night: 40th Anniversary commemorations, auction and 2 course dinner at the Corowa Footy Club. The number plates which have been held back will be auctioned this night.

Saturday 14th March: Vehicles will line up at Bangerang Park from 7.30am and participate in the parade at 9am to the Corowa Showgrounds where there will be a photo shoot and swap meet.
From1pm: vehicle activities
From 8-9pm in the evening there will be presentations.

Sunday 15th March: KVE will have an AGM and General Meeting at 10am. In the evening there will be a meal at the Corowa RSL.

During the week there will be a number of people who will have things for sale in Ball Park Caravan Park. Some of you will get some bargains or might find items you have been searching for.

Richard Farrant 18-01-20 03:23

Latest newsletter for Corowa Swim-In
The KVE News No 35 January 2020 has just been published and is now on the Corowa Swim-In website, click on the image on the Home page. All the latest information on the event as well as another informative article kindly written for us by Mike Cecil.
Look forward to seeing some of you in March.

best regards, Richard

Jan Thompson 18-01-20 05:34

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The number plates are on the production line at the moment. I sold 5 sequential and 5 standard plates this morning. We have the following sequential numbers available:
023,026,027,028,036,057,062,086,092,095,096,097,10 2,103,104,105,107,108,114,115,116,117,119,120,127, 129,130,132,134,135,136,148.
$30 each

We also have the standard plates as well.
$25 each

A picture of the plates has been uploaded and also an Entry Form. Get your entries in ASAP please.

Jan Thompson 19-03-20 02:29

2020 Vehicle list
Dodges 9 Larc 2 Unimog 3
Chev Blitz 4 Ford Blitz 2 Toyota HJ47 1
Strickland carrier 1 LP2A carrier 4 Ferret scout cars 3
DUKW 3 GPA 4 Studebaker 3
White Scout Car 2 Saurer 1 Kubelwagon 1
Mercedes Fire Truck 1 International ACCO 5 Mack 2
GMC CCKW 1 Austin Champ 2 Diamond T 1
Moke 1 International MC Fire Truck 1 FV439 1
Oka 1 Tatra Half Track 1 Pinzgauer 2
Ford C11ADF Utility 1 International S-Line 1 HUMVEE 2
Ford XF Ute 1 Ford Model T 1 WW1 Limber 1
Reo 1 Chev truck 1 Bedford QL 1
Ford 10C van 1 Bicycles 7 Land Rovers 51
Jeeps 71 Motorbikes 33

Total 235

Motorbike list:
Harley Davidson WLA – 9 Yamaha -4 BSA M20-3
Suzuki -6 Royal Enfield -2 Norton – 1
Condor -1 Chang Jiang CJ750 -3 BMW R75-1
Indian- 1 Zundapp K800-1 Welbike-1

Total 33

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