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Mike Cecil 09-09-20 18:08

Aust Auction of MVs
This may be of interest to our Australian MLU'ers, if they are unaware of it.


Hanno Spoelstra 09-09-20 19:54

rare FWD HAR-1
5 Attachment(s)
That's the collection of the late Kevin Purcell - see

We've seen his FWD HAR-1 on here before.

Attachment 116025 Attachment 116026 Attachment 116027 Attachment 116028 Attachment 116029

Tony Smith 10-09-20 01:41

The WC-52 is in the background of the pics of the Command Car (Lot 1), but doesn't seem to be listed. And what has happened to LP Carrier 4963?

hrpearce 10-09-20 06:17

Maybe his nephews are keeping some souvenirs? The answers may be come apparent on the day.

Mike Kelly 10-09-20 07:08

When I was there at Yaven Ck in 1976 Kevin had a very nice early script MB Jeep project and a US made Willys/Bantam Jeep trailer with the round guards that was in excellent condition. I asked Kevin if he would part with these but he wanted to keep them.

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