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Mike Cecil 12-09-20 01:28

Trailer No.27 Mk.1 Request
I'm seeking someone with a restored Trailer, No.27, Mk.1, preferably of Australian manufacture but that's not essential, who would be willing to take a suite of colour hi-resolution digital images for a publication I'm working on.

Any takers, please PM me to discuss what's needed (and what you receive in return).



jack neville 12-09-20 04:00

If you are not in a hurry Mike Iíve got a few coming along.

jack neville 12-09-20 04:02

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Forgot the photo

jack neville 12-09-20 04:05

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Just made a die to press new floor sections.

rob love 12-09-20 15:21

Very impressive!

Mike Cecil 12-09-20 17:04

Hi Jack,

Agree with Rob: very impressive. I hope you are going to do a 'build log' on the forum so we can follow your work? Pleeeeease??

Timing for images would be a problem: I would need them sooner than later, but thanks for the offer.

PM sent.

Anyone with a completed No.27 Mk.1 out there?


Boots 15-09-20 02:24

No 27 limber
Hello Mike - I have a 1941 Ruskin complete if thats any use to you cheers Greg Malone

Mike Cecil 15-09-20 04:40

Hi Greg,

PM sent.



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