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Jakko Westerbeke 15-09-20 10:54

M113 engine and transmission mounts?
Does anyone have photos, tech manual illustrations or similar of the engine and transmission mounts of an M113? Preferably the original petrol-engined version, but ones of a diesel engine would be just as useful, as I currently have absolutely no idea at all.

Andrew Rowe 16-09-20 20:30

What are you trying to achieve?, Cheers Andrew.

Jakko Westerbeke 17-09-20 11:04

2 Attachment(s)
Iím trying to build a model of a well and truly destroyed M113:

Attachment 116204

Attachment 116205

This of course makes the engine and transmission very visible, and I doubt those were just stuck to the floor like on your typical model kit (which is where Iíve got said engine and transmission from) so I would like to know what the mountings look like, and where theyíre located.

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