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Keith Webb 10-07-14 10:34

KVE website assistance needed
KVE is looking for a volunteer to help update and manage the website.

I had a look at it but I'm not a web programmer (other than updating via a CMS).

Ben gives these details which I can't make use of as I operate on a Macintosh platform.


I was using Microsoft Expression Studio 3 to develop/maintain/edit the website.
I was also using WINSCP as the FTP client to download/upload the files between the website and my PC.
If you're interested please leave a post here or contact Jan.

Jan Thompson 10-07-14 12:16

Thanks Keith for posting this. There is not a lot that needs to be done apart from adding new information that occurs such as newsletters and information. Hopefully someone has the skills we require.

We have a Facebook site now so make sure you also have a look and join.

ChrisG 12-08-14 09:38

Hiya Jan,
My partner Jean and I have been to Corowa for a few years now "life is about the journey, not the destination".

I manage a few websites as a bit of a hobby for friends/family/clubs at the moment and would consider managing the KVE site for the club. There'd be a few things technical to consider first relating to the site.

Get in touch if interested and I will send you the link to some websites that I currently host as examples.

Jan Thompson 12-08-14 10:23

hi Chris
Is it OK for me to phone you tonight?

ChrisG 13-08-14 09:47

Hi Jan,
If you wish flip me an email - Sorry, I dont have your stored in 'contacts', or call on Saturday, or if you call home Jean will give you a work phone # during the week. I work away from home throughout the week and am only home on weekends.

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