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Martin Heyman 08-04-12 23:30

I just wanted to introduce myself to the MLU Forum and as a former Sapper, thought the Sapper's Mess was the most appropriate place...

I've always had an interest in military conflicts (WW2 especially) and blame my Father (natuarally). I joined the British Army at 17, and served 11 years in the Royal Engineers in Close Support, EOD and Armoured Engineer regiments.

My interest in WW2 was rekindled by finding a German Fallschirmjäger helmet (single decal) in Norway (near Dombås) in 1995 on my Novice Ski & Survival Course (Arctic Warfare Training) after passing my All Arms Commando Course earlier in the year.

I like to collect WW2 "special forces" Militaria and have things such as a Welbike, RZ20 parachute & harness (complete), Abwurfbehälter etc...

I do attend the shows in the UK and US (and am thinking of Overloon this year), and am a member of the MVT, MVPA and Kubel Korps.

Warmest regards,


Phil Waterman 08-04-12 23:32

Welcome Aboard
Hi Martin

Said I wanted to be the first to welcome you to MLU.

Cheers Phil

Hanno Spoelstra 08-04-12 23:34

I'll second that! :D


Jeff Gordon 26-04-12 02:29

Hi Martin,
I just want to be the first Aussie to welcome you.
I am jealous of your welbike!!

cletrac (RIP) 26-04-12 03:41

We'd better have a Canadian welcome you aboard too!!

Martin Heyman 05-05-12 18:31

I just wanted to thank Phil, Hanno, Jeff and David for such a warm welcome...

Nick Bullock 05-05-12 19:18

Ford F15
Hi Martin how are you getting on finding a truck, any joy?

Martin Heyman 09-05-12 01:10

Hi Nick,

To be honest, I'm not getting anywhere...

Do you know of anyone selling an F15 out of interest?

Best regards,


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