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Jan Thompson 07-05-13 13:46

Corowa Swim-In Newsletter Number 15
Hi all
The latest KVE newsletter has just been released. Thanks to Richard for compiling this and also thanks to all who have contributed.

Over the next couple of days I will get it emailed out to all on my database so if you don't receive a copy send me a message and I will make sure you are on the database.

We are always interested in stories from our participants so if you have anything other readers may be interested in please forward to

Bob McNeill 06-06-13 12:03

corowa 13
Thanks, the FLETCH video arrived today, quality is good.

Jan Thompson 06-06-13 13:16

Glad you liked it Bob.

In the next few weeks on the show will be the filming he did at the Steam Museum at Menangle. There are a couple of things related to military vehicles on the show. At the end of the day we interviewed Bruce McCann with his 1952 Dodge M37 and Fletch made mention of our Corowa Military Vehicle Gathering. After helping him a few times he is really keen to do more military vehicles.

He left today to spend another 6 weeks over in the United States. It sound like next year he may be going to the United Kingdom.

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