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Peter Duggan 26-11-17 02:12

2018 FMVA Bivouac
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Time to mark your calendars.

The Frontenac Military Vehicle Association has scheduled their 2018 Bivouac for the weekend of August 18,19, 2018.

The event will be held at the Odessa fairgrounds as per past events.

In addition to the great gathering of military vehicles, there will be militaria vendors, local Regular Forces, Reservists and re-enactors.

Camping is free for owners of military vehicles, with access to showers and washrooms. Canteen will be open for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Military vehicles from any period of service are welcome. Promises to be another great event.


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Robin Craig 26-11-17 09:39

Great to hear the event will be around for another year, a good eastern Ontario event. Well done.

charlie fitton 26-11-17 15:22

On the calendar - maybe this year...

Jordan Baker 26-11-17 15:34

Looks like a great event, Sadly its the same weekend as the DDay Conneaught Ohio event.

Jon Bradshaw 05-01-18 06:54

I will try to attend.
As always my schedule depends on the work schedule. I may be able to make it and if I do I plan on bringing my latest finished piece of work to show off for the first time. It will be ready to go around the field and should be interesting for all to see. Spoiler it is a reproduction tank but still.....
Check out my carrier to tank thread on the carrier page.

Peter Duggan 08-01-18 01:57


Looking forward to seeing your recreation, it will make a welcome addition to the lineup.


Jon Bradshaw 13-07-18 21:09

Bringing this back to the top.
So the show is just a month away and I will be there. Hope to see a bunch of the vehicles from the Ontario and Quebec guys brought down to really flush out the show. :thup2:

Robin Craig 16-07-18 22:55

Anyone coming from the London area to this event? I have a half milk crate size of parts to come to Odessa. Happily give you some gas money, parts can be delivered to you if in London or close to it.

Peter Duggan 18-07-18 05:30

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With the FMVA"s 2018 Bivouac fast approaching I thought that it might be appropriate to circulate the poster for this year"s event.

Please feel free to share with friends and military vehicle enthusiasts.


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