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Jacques Reed 12-06-19 00:51

Identification- Auto Specialties jack
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Good Day,

I just obtained this jack and I hope someone can confirm if it is a correct jack for a CMP vehicle?

The base is stamped "Made in Canada", "Auto Specialties Mfg Co" and "1942".
There is another stamp on the base "SJ 443". There are no broad arrow marks however.

Most CMP truck jacks I have seen have a handle cast into them but this one does not.

I looked at my two parts books and the dedicated F15-A book lists:
*CO1Q 17080- Jack Assembly Twin lift, Capacity 2 ton
The attached 1940-1941 Parts catalogue shows five different jacks based on model application, so perhaps mine is a smaller one for the F15, F15-A which would be great!

It is from the right country, the right company, and the right era. Here's hoping it is the right one. Any info greatly appreciated.


Mike Cecil 12-06-19 06:27

As far as I know, you have the 15 cwt truck jack.

The 3-ton truck jack had the extra handle casting.

Our Canadian friends may be able to confirm (or deny?) that....


Jacques Reed 12-06-19 07:14

15 CWT jack?
Hi Mike,

I was hoping it was. Will see if our Canadian friends can confirm this too.

If it is not the correct jack for my truck no great financial loss. I picked it up for a song- well, more like the price of a music CD!


Tony Smith 12-06-19 13:31

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Right one, on the left!

Jacques Reed 13-06-19 00:04

Correct 15 CWT jack
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Hi Tony,

Thanks. For years I was looking for the type with a handle but took a punt on this one. Sometimes you just get lucky!
Here's the matching view from the other side. No crank handle came with it so next item is to get the dimensions of one. Hopefully an easy fabrication from round bar.


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