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ron 05-11-06 09:17

gear box bearings,
Hi Guys,
I am going to replace the bearings in my gear box before I fit it to the motor and put into my carrier,Can any one tell me the numbers of the thrust bearing and the bearing on the rear of the main shaft, and the small needle bearing on this shaft also, and are they available at most bearing shops? thanks guys,

Lynn Eades 05-11-06 12:09

Thrust I dont know,but from memory, your intermediate bearing is a Hyatt 99000, your input may be a 6211(last two digits I'm not sure)(with circlip groove) and the mainshaft is a 6307. Any how even if I have the numbers wrong the two ball bearings are common as, and will be a stock item at a good bearing shop. The Hyatt 99000 may have to be ordered. With your input shaft bearing, go for the "high load" bearing (slot filled with the extra balls) Buy shielded bearings and in each case remove the shield facing the inside of the g/box.
I dont know if this helps, but the war time 4 speed Dodge gearbox (New Process Gear Company) uses the same cluster, reverse idler, mainshaft gears(1st, 2nd,and 3rd. But not the shaft its self)So if your looking to do the cluster bearings, main pin, or even the cluster, then you may find a scource via NOS Dodge.
Im not sure about the input bearing number, but if your old one is numbered 32**, the "3" is now a "6" (6000 series= metric series) In other words, substitute the 3 for a 6, and the other 3 digits remain the same

ron 05-11-06 13:25

Thanks LYN,
I thought that you would know the answer to my question, much appreciated I will go down town in the morning and get them.

Col Tigwell 06-11-06 10:43

Or better still drop off the 6 and then a 211 becomes a HD version.



Lynn Eades 06-11-06 11:04

What is the number for the front bearing (Input shaft) I've been feeling guilty all day,about putting you crook. I have the Ford number here which is BB7045. Is it a 6208znr?

ron 06-11-06 11:52

Hi Lyn &Col.
Its all double dutch to me I am afraid I am not up on these bearings. I have printed out all of the information that you have given me, and will slip down to the bearing shop in the morning, I did not have time today,its just as well now that I have the new information from you both,
Many thanks,

Lynn Eades 07-11-06 04:36

Well then Ron, you better take your old ones with you.

ron 07-11-06 04:44

Hi Lyn,
Did just that, I have two of them and they have ordered the others in for me, thanks again for you help


Tony Smith 07-11-06 10:44

The input bearing is a 6209Z and the main/rear is a 6307. See this thread. As mentioned, the input-to-mainshaft needle roller is a Hyatt 99000 (now available as a BCA 99000) and the needle rollers on the countershaft are BCA J322080 (x2).
Other good modern part numbers can be found in this thread.

ron 07-11-06 11:40

Hi Tony,
Thank you for the information on the bearing numbers,I do appreciate your help.

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