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Harry Moon 26-05-22 05:12

M37 Fenton exhaust
Does anyone know or has used the Fenton split cast iron manifold on the 251 25 inch block? They fit the smaller 23 inch U.S. made block but has anyone any idea if the split manifold works on the CDN 251?
Asking for a friend!

Clint Tauber 23-06-22 05:29

No, but I believe they did make them for the 251/265. Might find one on a vintage dump truck or something.

Lynn Eades 23-06-22 21:28

Harry, the small Chrysler flat head six cyl. comes with a 3 1/8" and 3 1/4" bores. The big block comes in 3 3/8" and 3 7/16" bores ( as std) I dont think anything is interchangeable between the large and small motors, because of the extra length of the bigger blocks.

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