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Richard Salter 22-06-22 21:04

track drive sprockets
dose any one know what the wear tolerance on the drive and rear idler sprockets, we have striped the track of and the links have been hitting the drums and worn quite badly I have thought of welding a ring around the drum wear the links rest and replacing the sprockets but if i do that I will have to replace the whole lot. so would like to know the wear tolerances. Hope this makes sense :confused
Thanks Richard :)

Tom Millward 22-06-22 22:08

Im not a Carrier expert but wear is normally indicated by hooking of the sprockets as they tend to wear on the drive face. Are yours hooked?

Have you got a new sprocket that you can compare them to?

Richard Salter 22-06-22 22:27

Hi, no they are not hook but I wondered about the space between the teeth seems deeper/wider but not hooked, and no I don't have a spare one to compare.
Thanks :)

Tom Millward 22-06-22 23:44

It might help to post a picture, if you have one, to see where the wear is taking place (both the track and the drive sprocket).

Lynn Eades 23-06-22 00:23

I cant remember for sure but I think the test is done with a section of 1 7/16" dia. round bar. If it hits the bottom (between the teeth) then your sprocket is worn out. Count the track links on each side and tell us what you have? I have edited to the correct bar dia.

kevin powles 23-06-22 08:17

Richard, If you post a picture of your problem, I might have some spare usable sprockets here.

RichardT10829 23-06-22 17:05

There are NOS sprockets out there, Kev had a number of very tasty ones for sale not so long ago. I have the metallurgy / hardness data and CAD for sprockets but as there is still (to some extent) a supply of original items, I haven’t furthered that project.

Are the loyd rings the same as universal ? Alistair you may want to chime in here.

Kev, from what I understand, Richard’s track horns are striking the hub bells as they pass over the sprocket, the issue is suggestive that his sprockets are worn… I know the clearances are tight’ish, Lynn has mentioned the round bar test (which I hadn’t heard of until just now) I know on universals the clearance between the horns and the hub bell are a lot closer than that.

Did you sell off all those Gucci rings you had a while back ?

Andrew Rowe 23-06-22 20:56

Loyd sprockets are all the same as British and Canadian. I have had Loyd brake hubs that have had indentations worn into them by the track. I suspect normally caused by worn track rather than sprockets, but the two go hand in hand to achieve the correct tolerances. I still have a few NOS Aus/NZ bren sprockets That are pretty much identical left in the store from over 200 I had a one stage. Just waiting on the next boat heading your way! , Cheers Andrew.

Richard Salter 23-06-22 21:08

loyd carrier sprockets
Hi guys I have taken a photo but can't upload at moment but not sure of technical terms are but as the links go round the sprockets the link ends are hitting the brake drums and the horns have worn a groove down the side part of the drum side there is a ridge in the middle of the drum which has worn down. so im thinking the gap in between the teeth has worn down so much that the links are now hitting the drums, if any one has a set of four NOS sprockets I would be interested in purchasing them. If id did put new sprockets on would I have to replace the Track as well?

Thank you for you help :)

Lynn Eades 23-06-22 21:34

Richie H. the round bar is listed in the tool section of a Loyd manual. Check with Ben H.
Richard S. are you running the track guides that bolt on with the sprockets? The number of track links you are running will tell you how knackered your track is. I think you can run new sprockets with worn track, but the wear rate will climb. I'm not sure, I haven't done it. I spoke to a guy who worked carriers hard for a living. He told me they would wear out 3 sets of sprockets to one set of track. Maybe some who knows better will hop in here?

Richard Salter 23-06-22 21:57

Loyd sprockets
Hi yes there are track guides on the side of the sprockets :)

Richard Salter 23-06-22 22:09

Loyd sprokets
about 182 links :) each side

Lynn Eades 24-06-22 04:15

So what you need to know is how many you get down to, before they are shot. I can't remember, Does a Loyd start with 186 links? A manual will tell you what the limit is. Repining your track is not a viable option (my opinion) I'd hate to be caning down the road, full noise, and lose a track. The first reaction (wrong reaction) would be to hit the brake. That could be catastrophic! I have seen track where the pin has pulled through the link (posted on here maybe 10 + years ago) Just imagine a Universal carrier being a cookie cutter......
On the positive side, new sprockets might tighten up the track a bit.
Ive just been out and put a vernier on U.C. hub with a new sprocket. There is 10mm from the root (bottom) of the sprocket down to the hub.

Richard Salter 24-06-22 08:37

Thanks, Lynn well there defiantly is not 10mm it rest on the hub and is damaging it. so I think the best thing by the sounds of it is new track/links and four new sprockets, can any one help? I know I can get new links from Richie H Thanks
Richard S :)

Ron Pier 24-06-22 12:21

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Based on what I'm reading here, I thought I'd look at mine, using Lynn's theory. I found a socket that is a few thou under 1 5/8" and it nowhere near sits at the bottom. So that's good.
But Lynn, out of interest, where are you making that 10mm measurement?

Cheers Ron

Lynn Eades 24-06-22 14:45

Ron, Richard, Having gone and looked at a sprocket, I think it is 1 3/8" and its when the bar hits the bottom. It would help if someone with a Loyd book chimed in. The correct test dia. is 1 7/16" bar.

RichardT10829 24-06-22 16:42

Ron, my sprockets are pretty much in the same state of west as yours, there is life left in them yet !

Richard, I can certainly do another run of links if folk want them, best to do it in big clusters though.

As per Lynn’s comments I have zero experience around Loyds, deffo need someone with the service manual to shout up at the very least.

Andrew, I am still interested in those sprocket rings, just need to figure out when the next load is coming over to the UK from your end.

Richard Salter 24-06-22 19:02

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Hi Folks
Photo's of sproket

Andrew Rowe 24-06-22 19:56

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Hi Richard , Lynn is right about using / changing out sprockets several times on the same set of track. Also check track tension, that you not running too loose.
As I have said I have seen Loyd brake drums with the same type of wear.
Usually on a standard carrier , new track will sit square to the brake drum, the more the track wears, when you look from the back end, you will see the track sitting on an angle , the more the angle suggests the greater the wear on the track, the Loyd mitigates this a bit by using the extra track edge supports.
Pic shows sprockets in the "grease" , cheers Andrew.

Richard Salter 24-06-22 21:37

loyd sprokets
Hi Andrew would be interested in those sprockets, but don' t want tread on Richard H shoes if he has asked for them first? :thup2:

RichardT10829 24-06-22 21:59

Rich I will drop you an email regarding sprockets.. between the three of us we can work something out that will get you sorted. the sprockets you have imaged IMHO look like they are all but finished, I would be surprised if they are not “slipping” at this stage (track slips off the sprocket / jumps)

Richard Salter 24-06-22 22:50

If I only new this. Yes they have started slipping /jumping when i turn, I thought it was perhaps brake adjustment tried every thing els :doh: :salute:


Lynn Eades 26-06-22 23:57

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Here is the detail Richard (x 2) From an Australian manual, not the Loyd book at all. (Sorry. My previous guess was mis-information. I have edited my earlier posts)

RichardT10829 27-06-22 09:22

Great work Lynn. Folk can make up go / no go gauges now I am sure :)

Ron Pier 27-06-22 11:08

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Well I was disappointed when the first size 1 5/8" was revised to 1 3/8" which indicated that my sprockets might be near the end. But the new correct size 1 7/16" has lifted my spirits again :thup2:

Fortunately I have enough sockets in my workshop to come up with all three sizes within a few thou.
Cheers Ron

Lynn Eades 27-06-22 20:24

Sorry to have stressed you Ron. :salute:

Michael R. 28-06-22 05:12

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Ron: your F series sprockets are in excellent condition. I would be quite happy to have those.


Ron Pier 28-06-22 07:00

Well thanks for that Michael R. Out of interest, what does F series mean? Ford?
Were there different types? Ron

RichardT10829 28-06-22 12:03

I always thought it was F for flanged sprocket ring. The TL3625’s I have seen have all been stamped with a J.

Ron Pier 28-06-22 12:28

Ah now that you mention it. I notice that Richard Salters sprockets have a series of bolt on flanges! Ron

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