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Darrin Wright 08-04-16 11:02

2017 Bren Gun Carrier gathering at the KVE Corowa event
Hello all,

Looking for expressions of interest regarding those that may wish to attend Corowa between 13-19 March 2017 with a Bren Gun Carrier (or other tracked vehicle).

As you may be aware, 2017 is the Year of the Bren Gun Carrier (part 2) for the Corowa Event. The last such gathering was back in 2005 with approx. 23- 25 Bren Gun Carriers attending. At this time, a small group of us are trying to gauge the level of interest out there regarding those that may wish to attend Corowa in 2017 with a Bren Gun Carrier. Additionally, I’m also interested to hear back from anyone who owns any type of tracked vehicle, armoured vehicle or any heavy military vehicle of any type who is considering coming in 2017.

It’s not a commitment, just trying to gather interested people together so that we can organise something and make it worthwhile, particularly for people with vehicles of this type. Communication is very important to ensure success.

Please let us know directly, email Darrin Wright: dnwright2 at , with some Bren Gun Carrier details and some contact details, as below:

Hull # 731
Model LP1, LP2, LP2A, Strickland Tractor, Universal Carrier, Lyod etc
Maker Vic Rail, Ford etc
Condition 100% restored, 75%, 50%, 25%, In restoration, awaiting restoration, parts only…
Surname & 1st name Darrin Wright
Contact number 041 #### ###
Email as above in text
Attending in 2017 yes/no/maybe

Alternatively, you can also contact Euan McDonald with this information: classicmotorsport at

While we are currently in the early stages of planning and organising, what we are looking to do and achieve is for owners of these vehicles to come together at a pre-arranged location within a short (less than 5km distance) from Corowa. The proposed location should enable us to put our vehicles through their paces in a dedicated driving area that is safe for both participants and members of the viewing public. We are also considering organising a mechanised road run just to the north of Corowa, with a projected distance of about 20km. The location may also have camping facilities available, however this will be subject to negotiation and confirmation.

Like the Land Rover owners, we could get all the Bren Gun Carriers together, have them paraded in order of type, build/hull number/ARN for group photo opportunities. I’m sure this in itself would make for an impressive display!

At this time initial enquiries with the relevant authorities and local government bodies have been positive, and are encouraging us further with organising just such an event and venue. Needless to say, planning is still progressing and updates will be provided on a regular basis to ensure all parties interested remain well informed and up to date.

We are looking to make this process as inclusive of your ideas and suggestions as much as is possible within certain limitations. You know your vehicles better than anyone else, so if there is something that would be of benefit to the activity, would enhance the experience or is a specific requirement for your vehicle type, please let us know.

If you need assistance in getting your vehicle to Corowa, please contact me directly and let me know as we are also exploring options to assist the logistics of transport, parts, storage, etc.

If you are having trouble getting your Bren Gun Carrier on the road, we are investigating the Vic & NSW permit system and unregistered vehicle permits to see if this may assist anyone.

Thank you in advance

Euan, Matt & Darrin

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