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John Stokes 01-05-09 23:48

Arn number needed
Hi all i,m trying to get some leads on finding my Arn number for a C15A sig van before i have to make the journy to Canberra.

Chassis Model 8444

Chassis Serial 2844400797M

Engine Serial WR 3859665

Hope someone can give me a few clues. John Stokes

John Stokes 14-01-10 10:56

Arn still avoiding me
Hi All,
Happy new year.After spending Hours at the Australian war memorial in Canberra and looking through pages and pages of the 126 awm books #11 and #10 i still can not locate the correct ARN for my Chev,any ideas let me know.I did rebuild the transfer case in the old girl and got it back in time to test drive on 08-01-2010.I can't wait to get back from holidays to give her another run.I found the transfer case to be as quiet as a mouse and i can have a conversation with a passenger at full noise.Fair leads are back on and painted next is to start on the tray.I had a ford transfer case prior to the rebuild and now have a Chev on.So in my wisdom i now need to find a Chev Shifter Bracket any lying around let me know.I will post some pic when i return home.

Max Hedges 15-01-10 20:38

Mexican visitor
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John and his family called in to say G'day and do a shed inspection

John managed to find some goodies to take home with him


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