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ajmac 31-03-11 19:33

Clutch release bearing carriers
The clutch bearing carrier which I am using from the original Loyd (same as UC) gearbox has a grease point, however an identical box also from 44 has a plain carrier, presumably for a sealed bearing. The wartime manual shows both types as options. Any idea for the variability?

Lynn Eades 31-03-11 21:51

A modern brand name thrust bearing will normally last the life of the clutch plate and eliminates the possibility of over greasing, which can happen.
However the grease supply also lubes the bearing support, which otherwise can only be achieved on assembly. I think there are probably two bearing types. one is sealed and lubed for the life of the bearing. the second is open where it rides on the support, or has a hole in that position for the grease to get into the bearing.

ajmac 31-03-11 23:51

Thanks Lynn, I understand how the two types differ, I just wondered if there was a change point when one type superseeded the other, or if it was a UK, USA or Canada only production change.

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