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Richard Farrant 06-10-16 11:42

Corowa flood conditions release
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Just posting a message from the KVE President regarding current flooding at Corowa, in relation to the Swim-In event in March. The photo attached was taken this week looking from bottom of Sanger St. towards the bridge with Bangerang Park on the left:

"G’Day all

As most of you may be aware that the southern and western regions of NSW, and areas of Victoria, have been having some severe weather over the last few weeks. This has resulted in a number of townships and communities being flooded. Unfortunately Corowa has also been affected with Flood waters up to the bottom of Sanger Street, including Ball Park Caravan Park and other caravan parks nearby. What this means for us is still too early to determine but our hearts and thoughts go out to the Community. We will be liaising with our Stake holders at an appropriate time to continue with our planning of the Swim In, but until then we will let the community focus on recovering from these floods. Please be patient and wait for us to release periodical updates on our planning. Some things may need to change and some may be fine to continue, these we cannot answer until we know and understand what condition the Corowa community is in.
Our plans are always dependant on the weather and current conditions at the time.

Thanks for your patience and Support for the Corowa Community
Scott Rough
KVE President"

Jan Thompson 06-10-16 12:34

I have just spoken to Neville Smith who has witnessed many floods in Corowa over the past 60 years and once the water recedes things will return back to normal fairly quickly. (You shouldn't need your gumboots.) Neville doesn't see a problem for us if the water recedes in a couple of months.

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