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Bob Carriere 04-06-12 19:22

How time flies.......
...... my yearly contribution was overdue ....... now paid up

Dollar a week ain't much for the fun you get.


George McKenzie 03-11-12 02:34

Support MLU
Sent you $ 40 George McKenzie

Jon Bradshaw 29-12-12 06:14

Donation Sent by paypal.
Sent it tonight, start the new year off right.

aj.lec 29-12-12 08:18

Just chucked in a annual $50 to the paypal account :salute:

Mike t. 30-12-12 01:24

And $50 from me. cheers Mike t. :thup2:

rob love 25-04-13 05:38

$75 sent today. I have to start doing this more would leave a very large empty space in "my favorites" selection if MLU was not there.

hrpearce 25-04-13 05:49

Annual wener sale has been so a donation on the way. Sorry it couldn't be more. :cheers:

gordon 25-04-13 06:54

Once more, for Geoff

Svenn Ryen 26-04-13 09:24

Phil Waterman helping me out and making donation through me
Hi. Just made a donation in euros equal to $215. The amount is 115 from Phil Waterman and 100 from me.

Heres the story behind me donating for us both, first the 100:

I am doing a C15A restoration. Bought the truck last year. It was missing a few parts and some parts needs to be replaced. For me beeing a new CMP owner (been doing only jeeps and military motorcycles last 25 years)I have limited knowledge about CMPs. I have tried to read up on this, and this forum has been a very important source for info and I have had great help here on the forum. Many members are commenting my threads, searches have given me needed info and so on. I hope I am not spamming you guys wih posts and questions??? I always try to add som pictures showing my issue, hoping that my questions, pictures and your answers may be of help to others as well. So thanks to you all, and I hope my donation can help the forum going strong.

As for me donating for Phil Waterman:

For me being in Norway, shipping of overseas sources for parts to me has always been important doing MVs. Regarding jeeps, there is always parts available from many vendours including in Norway and Europe, and there are always overseas firms that does international shipping. As for CMPs, as you guys now parts can sometimes be hard to find, and alternative parts and sources need to be traced down. On my truck the oil filter was missing. I got hold of a filter from a helping forum member, but I needed the correct fittings and oil lines. Phil Waterman posted answers to my needs, giving me the correct NAPA parts number for the stuff I needed. So far so good :D First problem...NAPA auto parts does noe ship overseas... ok... I have had this problem before and have a account at This is a firm specialising in shipping from USA to nordic contries. In short, you get your own USA adress to ship the parts to, and Jetcarrier forward the parts on to Norway. Prices are acceptable for the times you have this issue. So I tried to order fittings and oil lines from NAPA to my USA adress. Next problem was that it was not possible to order the fittings online :fry: Ok...If I only got hold of the coorrect oil lines I could bring them to a firm here in Norway that probably could help me with these fittings...stiff prices though... (special brass fittings in small amounts are very expensive in norway, up to 20 usd pr part) So I ordered the oil lines....but they did not show up. In my Napa account the order showed up as cancelled and Napa told me that these were not available.

Phil had at some point told me when I posted some info on the overseas shipping issuies that he would try to help me getting these parts if I ran into any problems. So I contacted Phil, and yes, he didn't just order the parts. but he took of the parts on his CMP just to be 100 % he got the righ parts, went down to his NAPA store and ordrered these parts for me. He also saw I needed some other parts he could get hold of, so he went down several times to get hold of everything. When all parts had arrived, he wrapped and packed them up send them to me, and a couple of days later I had all I needed in my mail box.

So first of all...a great thank you to Phil!!!! :note: :note: :note: :note:!

So for the payment...Phil should of course have his expences covered, but early in the process, he told me he rather would like me to donate the amount in both our names to the MLU forum!!!! He is hoping our "story" could be a inspiration for others as well to keep helping eachother in the MLU and CMP community!! Phil also wants this to be av way of showing gratitude and honour the guys who over the years who have so freely shared their knowledge of CMPs who are no longer with us.

It would of course not be fair that I should have my name on Phils money, so I added an extra 100 usd the show my thanks to the MLU forum and members as Phil helping me out!!!

Long story, but the help I got from Phil and his will to help me and wanting to to donate in both our names really shows what forums and the members like these really could mean ofor other members!!

finally... a great thanks to you all!!!


Keith Webb 26-04-13 10:19

Well done Svenn! And thanks for the interesting story too.
Congratulations to Phil too for his generosity.

One last point: Don't worry about spamming when it's CMP-related questions, we all love to help!

r.morrison 26-04-13 19:17

Here here!!!
Agreed with Bob.....nice one. Told you Phil was a "Teddy Bear"! Robert :cheers:

servicepub (RIP) 26-04-13 23:23

My donation for $100. made yesterday. I get many hours of enjoyment from MLU and look forward to many more.

Bob Carriere 27-04-13 05:51

Simply amazing.

Thanks to both of you.

Bob C.

Marc van Aalderen 26-09-13 22:29

Funds transferred
Thought it was about time to donate again. Keep up the good work. :salute: :thup:


BSM 03-10-13 02:10

Another bit for the coffers
Paypal contribution for the "other" chaps sales. Rod

Dano McLaren 04-02-14 22:43

Just made my first donation, via paypal. Love this site. Keep up the good work.

hrpearce 19-04-14 07:40

That time of the year again for me. Still enjoying MLU thank you. :cheers:

Bob Carriere 03-12-14 22:03

Time of year...
...for a small contribution... Could not live without the Forum

Bob C

Terry Witiuk 04-01-15 21:39

Donation to MLU
Glad to be part of MLU...donation processed.

J Mercer 07-02-15 22:18

Donation sent. Great site.

Frantisek Nachlinger 12-02-15 13:41

Thank you for this freat site, donation sent.

Robert Bergeron 12-05-15 14:35

Hello guys,

How do i donate please ?



Hanno Spoelstra 12-05-15 18:05


Originally Posted by Robert Bergeron (Post 209299)
Hello guys,

How do i donate please ?

Hello Robert,

Please see page 1 of this thread.

Thanks in advance!


Robert Bergeron 13-05-15 03:04

Donation sent.

Keep up the good work.

all the best.



Lynn Eades 13-05-15 05:11

Well I don't usually advertise that I've done the deed, but I think about it (with good intentions) and then another small thought occupies the space!
The reason I have posted, is that Robert's post gave me a reminder.
Mine might do likewise. :salute:

Rob Aubin 11-09-15 00:32

Donation Sent...
Every little bit counts as they say........ added a little to the pot to help support this fine website.

Hanno Spoelstra 13-09-15 17:01

Robert, Lynn, Rob,

Thank you very much for your donation. My belated thanks also go to the other donors!

Best regards,

Bob Carriere 01-01-16 17:36

Time to pay forward.....
First of the New Year and realized that it is time for my small contribution to help the Forum.

I also made an additional donation to MLU on behalf of Bob Phillips who so graciously sent me a much needed fuel tank switch for my cab 11 and declined payment or even reimbursement for the postage.

It made me think of all the friends that I have made over the years through the Forum ....some of which I have never met .... of the help, assistance and notes of encouragement and outright generosity exhanged by means of the Forum.

Thanks Bob Phillips and Thanks to all the moderators working unseen for MLU.


Bob C

Barry Churcher 01-01-16 18:30

Bob, thanks for the reminder. :thup2:

Hanno Spoelstra 03-01-16 23:05

Bob, Barry,

Thanks for your continued support! :thup2:


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