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ajmac 13-04-18 15:48

Does anyone recognise this type of fuel filter?
See below:


I am looking to find one for the Loyd. I guess its a standard 1930s automotive part.

Andrew Rowe 13-04-18 21:15

Loyd Fuel Filter
Hi Alistair, it is the in-line fuel filter tucked inside the Loyd chassis, I believe., on second thoughts it would actually be a water trap. Cheers Andrew.

Lynn Eades 14-04-18 00:47

I've never seen one before, but would guess AC brand, based on the steel bowl.
You are doing a great job Al.

maple_leaf_eh 14-04-18 05:03

I like the suggestion of a fuel/water separator. The large nut and drop bail make my think it is designed to be repeatedly opened.

The fuel separator on a VW diesel, for instance (and light aircraft for that matter), is at a low spot in the line and has a small spring valve that bleeds off contaminants.

ajmac 16-04-18 10:58

I'd have said it was both a water separator and a basic filter, if it has no filter capability then there is no filter in the system at all! I guess I had a bit of brain fail. I just checked the parts book and it says plain as day: Amal No31 or alternate Enots Type 1300

ajmac 16-04-18 19:56

I have closed the loop on this to some extent. The owner of the Amal archive sent me the GA of the 31/008 and it is the one in the photo I posted at the top of the thread. It IS a filter.

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