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colin jones 17-10-16 03:56

VICKERS MK6B's resto
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Hello one and all. I thought I better get a start on the Vickers so I got them into the workshop for a inspection and evaluation. Definitely a challenge.

colin jones 17-10-16 04:03

Between the two tanks I have close to enough info to do accurate rebuilds.
Not sure what the problem is but I can't download anymore pictures so I'll try again a bit later.;)

Lynn Eades 17-10-16 06:25

Great to see you getting into it. Colin. I look forward to seeing the progress.

Rob Dyba 17-10-16 09:26

Glad they are in your hands Colin, and glad they are in your workshop down under. I am sure we are yet to see your best work yet!!!! ..... Rob

colin jones 17-10-16 10:31

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Hi Lynn, yes it is about time these were done and Rob I will do the best I can to make these come back to life again.
Having a good look at them today and removing a few parts they look to be in quite reasonable condition. I'm very lucky to have so many parts. I have a complete engine, trans, clutch/braking system, fuel tank, drivers seat, gunners seat and foot rests, turret baskets, pedals and linkage bogies for both tanks thanks to Luke, original crank handle and some of the aluminium work in both.
All in all a great lot to start with. I have taken a hundred or more photos so far so it will be very well documented during the entire process. If anyone has a contact a Pucka that would be very helpful as I certainly need a visit there.

Richard Farrant 17-10-16 10:32

Hi Colin,
I see you are making a start on Wombat, you can just see the original UK registration number on front glasis plate, BMM978. It should have engine number S9469. Hope you will retain the Meadows engine in the restoration.

regards, Richard

colin jones 17-10-16 10:33

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A couple of the seats and I have a complete radiator as well.

Ben 17-10-16 13:00

Looking forward to seeing your progress, very envious.


eddy8men 17-10-16 23:32

a rare beast for sure. good luck with the resto

jdmcm 18-10-16 05:23 cool is that? Such awesome and rare stuff still popping up and guys pouring their blood sweat and tears into them...I think the hobby is on pretty stable ground these days, can't wait to follow the progress!

colin jones 18-10-16 05:39

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I have spent the morning removing the reduction hub and it is in perfect condition. The only problem I have is I am missing the opposite side one so I will have to make one??? or something. I can't believe that after all these years it is still like new. :)

jack neville 18-10-16 08:20

A nice win to start with Colin. Or half a win. I will be over some time in the next few weeks so I will look forward to a closer look.

Rob Dyba 19-10-16 07:11

Hi Colin, If you have the parts listings and the manuals start by recording the parts numbers, and descriptions you need. It is surprising what actually turns up when you have the number and description & a forum full of Turret heads..reduction drive might be a stretch, but none the less it needs to go on the list.. that reminds me, is anyone chasing a highway gear sprocket set for a 1932 Zundap motor scooter?


colin jones 19-10-16 10:03

Hi Jack, this is indeed a great start. See you in a few weeks, we are going on a cruise in a couple of weeks though :)
Hi Rob, I would love to have a parts list for one of these but I think they are as rare as the tank itself. I'm sure I can work something out for the reduction hub. I think it's only a 2:1 so I think I would be able to find some gears and I can make the hub itself. I have had a internal rack made before but with water jet cutting these days most things are not so difficult and not to mention that I have to have one. :)

colin jones 17-12-16 06:19

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Hello one and all. :) I'm trying to get time to work on these tanks so here's where I am.
I have stripped what ever I could out and got the drive train out as well.
I was a little disappointed when I lifted the trans up I found a few lumps of powdered casing underneath so that just means more work. The engine however appears to be good.

colin jones 17-12-16 06:22

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You can see the damage that has been done over the years but I'm sure it can be repaired.
I can see the gears amongst the crap and believe it or not I don't think they are that bad. But I could be wrong.

colin jones 17-12-16 06:28

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I resurrected my poor old crane which hasn't been started for a long time but all good (Perkins engine :)). The bottom of these tanks needed a really good high pressure steam clean which blows out everything including chunks of rust.

colin jones 17-12-16 06:32

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It certainly shows up the extent of work to be done when you get this type of perspective. I noticed that the tiller brackets that are bolted to the floor are in very good usable condition and they are identical to the bren carrier seat ones so they must have copied them.

colin jones 17-12-16 06:38

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The other photo's were taken a few days ago. All the cross tubes that protect the axles need to be replaced so I have made a set of crude tooling. The top one is a hydraulic cylinder of the diameter required and the bottom one it a relatively thick piece of water pipe with the correct inside diameter. I have just welded other pieces of flat bar for some load transfer during pressing.

colin jones 17-12-16 06:41

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A few more strengthening pieces and ready for a test press :confused

colin jones 17-12-16 06:49

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I tried a thinner piece first with excellent success then a piece of the correct thickness required and the only thing I will require will be some lubricant during the press process as it has to pull the material in from both sides at the same time to bring it down into the bottom form. It just needs to be able to slide but I know it wont be a drama. I only need to press 4 of these so tooling neatness was not a priority and I don't think I need to make any for stock unless there is a few more of these around the place :rolleyes
That's it to date.
Colin :salute:

Wayne Hingley 17-12-16 15:53

Very impressive work as usual Colin! I enjoy seeing your progress. Thanks for sharing. Those parts will look perfect in place.

colin jones 18-12-16 01:45

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Thanks Wayne, I pressed out the four that I need and my press is not really powerful enough to do it as it is only a 40 tonner. I had to use lots of oil and press them in stages which stretched parts of the bottom die. I would think It would take a 60-80 tone machine to do a single consistent pressing. But it worked with some persistence and the dies are now scrap.

colin jones 24-12-16 10:07

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It's a bit hard to get much time to get lots done but I have spent some time levelling the tank so it is not twisted. I was going to replace the floor first but changed my mind after have a good think about it.
if I rebuild the top section first then I will be able to flip it over and it will keep its integrity in place. I have placed angle iron at the exact top point where the sides need to go and spot welded them in place.

colin jones 24-12-16 10:11

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I am starting at the back and have pressed up the first cross member which joins the fire wall, the top and the rear. I can see that every piece that I make will have to be quite exacting so near enough just wont cut it. But all good though!

colin jones 28-12-16 08:14

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I'm glad Xmas is over and I got a little bit of time today so I made hay while I could. I got a bit more of the upper frame made and fitted. I also cut down some H iron to mate some T section. I don't think it's available any more.

colin jones 28-12-16 08:16

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A little bit more and I'll try and get the other side done tomorrow.

Rob Dyba 28-12-16 08:25

Looks like the carrier resto's were just a warm up to the main event Colin.

colin jones 29-12-16 11:22

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Yes Rob, I think i've finished my apprenticeship.
I got most of the other side done and it was a bit on the fiddly side

colin jones 29-12-16 11:24

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I am so very lucky to have another one to copy

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