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colin morley 19-03-13 00:12

Thank you to the President and his harding working committee for such a great week

lynx42 12-04-13 01:44


Originally Posted by colin morley (Post 177539)
Thank you to the President and his harding working committee for such a great week

Colin, I am sorry I did not reply earlier to you thanks.

We, the Committee and I as President, accept your thanks it is nice to be appreciated.

Corowa Swin-In is a lot of work but we all enjoy the week and the many hours it takes to get the whole thing up and running.

We are always looking for new members for Khaki Vehicle Enthusiasts Inc. and without the support of those members, Corowa Swim-In would not take place.

Planning is on-going and we plan up to 4 years in advance for your enjoyment.

Thanks again, Colin.

Regards Rick
President KVE Inc.

Jan Thompson 12-04-13 12:23

Thanks Colin and Joy for what you did to help us this year. The person who ended up with the fridge spoke to me on Wednesday night and he is impressed with his purchase.

KVE now has 56 members and as Rick said we would like to encourage more people to join. By being a member you are welcome to make suggestions and appreciate any help which can be offered. Membership is $30 for a member and we offer family membership for $45. We need help to share the load. Some of us have spent thousands of hours volunteering our time to make this event the most successful and largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

We like our members to do a shift on the site office, help with marshalling and help out on the Saturday night if they are attending the event. Those who helped out this year were enthusiastic and some were prepared to spend more time as they met some great participants. We are fortunate to have members overseas and with computers and modern technology we can keep in regular contact with these people.

I also appreciate those people who are not members of KVE who helped us with our event. Alan Lark from Sydney had the best time and he was seen nearly on every shift from Wednesday to Saturday at the site office. In my newsletter report I would like to share the following from Alan Lark:

"I must confess that I have never seen so many ex-military vehicles in one place, some I have no idea what they were and am still checking my photographs to identify them. I started my military career as an Army Apprentice at Balcombe around 1953 and finished in 1975 and as I have said, never seen or heard of some of them, needless to say I was like a fly around a cow pat, even to see one disappear into the river. I met up with some people I haven't seen for years and was able to make more friends than I can remember. I really enjoyed my time checking people in where I really got to know more people, it was a bit hectic at first but when you got the hang of it all it just rolled along nicely, I even went to Victoria one night and had a feed and a couple of Mexican beers, the things you do when you are away. Friday night was wonderful, Tim Vibert's talk was an eye opener, what would you do with 105 Centurion Tanks, makes me feel that my restoration of a 1942 No6 Chev Blitz Gun Tractor a bit wanting. After the talk I was kidnapped and taken to some unknown place where the local Port flowed freely, I ended up heading for the van around midnight, strange things happened that night, a friend said that there was a phone call from me around 2am asking directions home, I was certain that I was well in (or on) my bed by then. Must have left my phone somewhere. Saturday Night and the auction was great to be part of, did that lady eventually wear that women’s uniform she bought?"

Richard Farrant 12-04-13 20:03

From another KVE committee member, thank you Colin. I personally have spent untold hours throughout the year either putting together the Newsletter, grant applications and entering all the participant entries on a database, beside other tasks that get sent to me. It is very enjoyable and worth the long trip from the UK to take part in what I think is the best social gathering of MV enthusiasts in the world and set in a lovely area.

Apologies that we seemed to have missed your post until now, well done to Rick for spotting it!

Looking forward to next March now :)

regards, Richard

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