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Richard Farrant 30-10-16 11:06

2017 Annual Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering
The latest KVE News is now on our website, Here is a direct link to it;

All the up to date information on the event next March is in it.
The themes will be Year of the International and Year of the Carrier, but all military vehicles are encouraged to attend.
As the Carrier theme needs a bit more organising, regarding areas to display their versatilities, etc. We would like owners to make contact with us as soon as possible in order to gauge numbers, etc. Even if you are not sure currently if you can make it, please let us now. If you go to pages 9 and 10, the Carrier co-ordinator, Harvey, has some info for you and a data sheet that he would like completed if possible.
Entry form is downloadable from the website.

It should be made clear that if you intend bringing your military vehicle, you must complete an entry form and pay the fee otherwise you will not be able to take part in the activities. This is in order that you and your vehicle are covered under the KVE insurance. Better to pre-register, rather than doing it when you arrive, that way you will receive a Participants Pack.

best regards,
Richard Farrant
KVE Committee member and Newsletter Editor

hrpearce 29-11-16 10:51

Just booked our accommodation for March.
I will be in Corowa for the week, Don't know Vicki's days yet, Sam is working in Gundagai now and hopefully he will still be there.
I will start the roster soon I am nearly caught up.

We will not be at Corowa 2018 as we are selling the farm on the 10th of March that year and then building a house on a lifestyle block near Batlow.

Richard Farrant 22-01-17 19:36

January edition of KVE News now online
The 2017 Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering is fast approaching and the January edition of KVE News is now online for those of you who are not on our mailing list. All the latest up to date information as well as other items of interest, along with Sales & Wanted adverts.
Click on link below to download the Newsletter:

This year’s themes are International military vehicles and Carriers, both types are looking to be popular. All ex-military vehicles are encouraged to attend.

Do not miss out, get your entries in now, click below to download the Entry Form:

regards, Richard

hrpearce 07-02-17 09:43

The 2017 Swim in is nearly here, we still need volunteers to run the site office.
08:30 to 11:00 Wed, Fri.
11:00 to 13:00 Thu, Fri.
13:00 to 15:00 Thu,
15:00 to 18:00 All days.
and 3 Show ground shifts.
If you can help email me at hrpearce123 at

hrpearce 19-02-17 11:23

2 Attachment(s)
The metal to make the new office frame when I brought it home.
And what is finished so far.

Jan Thompson 23-02-17 10:43

golf and bowls
I had a phone call from Ray Edsal in Victoria who wants to let people know he would like to organise a Golf afternoon and a Bowls night at Corowa. If you are interested please phone him on 0487299181.

hrpearce 01-03-17 05:32

The office frame is now packed up and tied onto the blitz ready for the trip to Corowa on the morning of the twelfth.
No photo, MLU only lets me post photos on rare occasions lately.

Keith Webb 02-03-17 10:03

2016 dvd
The 2016 DVD, Year of the Tank and Chrysler 2 is now finished and will be available at the event this year from Thursday 16th.

Lots of great action including the first wedding to be part of the event and also a little segment on the greatest fan of this series of videos, my grandson Henry, aged just two.

Here's a little teaser for you.

Richard Farrant 02-03-17 10:45


Originally Posted by Keith Webb (Post 235069)
The 2016 DVD, Year of the Tank and Chrysler 2 is now finished and will be available at the event this year from Thursday 16th.

Lots of great action including the first wedding to be part of the event and also a little segment on the greatest fan of this series of videos, my grandson Henry, aged just two.

Here's a little teaser for you.

Hi Keith,
Good one, looking forward to viewing it, got an order to pick up 2 copies as well as one for 2015.

regards, Richard

Keith Webb 02-03-17 21:40

Many thanks Richard, be good to get some more orders from UK enthusiasts!


Originally Posted by Richard Farrant (Post 235070)
Hi Keith,
Good one, looking forward to viewing it, got an order to pick up 2 copies as well as one for 2015.

regards, Richard

Richard Coutts-Smith 19-03-17 08:54

3 Attachment(s)
Back from Corowa, another terrific event, and my hats off to all of the organising crew.
Particular favourite was the lunchtime entertainment laid on for the Friday trip to Wilson's farm. Full credit to the Dodge!
Not to mention the Fiat SPA, so pleased to see it in the flesh, what an intriguing vehicle.

hrpearce 19-03-17 11:07

Back home after another Corowa event. Thank you to the volunteers who kept the office running. Blitz ran well on the way home, only took five and a quarter hours.

Keith Webb 19-03-17 21:52

Stalwart bogging
No doubt there was a buildup of silt there from the high river levels, an excellent recovery using Simon Allen's Dodge assisted by David Barton.


Originally Posted by Richard Coutts-Smith (Post 235536)
Back from Corowa, another terrific event, and my hats off to all of the organising crew.
Particular favourite was the lunchtime entertainment laid on for the Friday trip to Wilson's farm. Full credit to the Dodge!
Not to mention the Fiat SPA, so pleased to see it in the flesh, what an intriguing vehicle.

Jan Thompson 20-03-17 07:29

I have just arrived home and thought some people may want to know the total number of vehicles. Once I go through the list I will do a detailed list of the numbers of each category. I have on my list 225 vehicles plus 6 army pushbikes. The number of jeeps appears to be 74 and 40 Land Rovers.

Ganmain Tony 21-03-17 10:41

Great week
5 Attachment(s)
Another fabulous week.

Got home Sunday, truck went like a train, just keeps getting better and better to drive.

Great to meet some new young enthusiasts and see the same old faces as well.

Just not quite enough time to spend with everyone you'd like to.

Ganmain Tony 21-03-17 10:58

a few more
2 Attachment(s)
Glad this turned up,

Very nice K5 inter.

Keith Webb 21-03-17 11:01


Originally Posted by Ganmain Tony (Post 235616)
Glad this turned up,

Very nice K5 inter.

Complete with Art Department mud.

Jan Thompson 21-03-17 11:29

The entrant has put KB International. Could it be a KB-5 or KB5.

Keith Webb 21-03-17 11:34

KB or KS

Originally Posted by Jan Thompson (Post 235618)
The entrant has put KB International. Could it be a KB-5 or KB5.

He told me it was a KB but that was as far as I know a post-war series. The military ones were KS5, usually just called K5.

Tony Smith 21-03-17 12:16


Originally Posted by Keith Webb (Post 235619)
The military ones were KS5, usually just called K5.

Same truck, but the "S" means 2 speed Eaton rear diff.

Mike Kelly 21-03-17 13:26

Many of those wartime Inters had the composite cab with a sunroof , the cab has a wooden frame .The K3 and larger models have apparently survived in good numbers but the lighter types are rare for some reason . Many moons ago, in 1977 , a club member found a unusual little military K1 ute, this ute had the sunroof cab . I've never seen another like it - the vehicle I remember was in Clayton where I looked it over but its wherabouts today , :( I also recall a military K2 with its original wooden/angle iron GS body up near Yea - again its fate is unclear, I know a club member bought it but I think it ended up scrapped :whinge

Jan Thompson 23-03-17 03:11

The total vehicles is 223 plus 6 bicycles. The total number of carriers is 14 including 2 LP1's, 1 British 3inch Mortar Carrier and 2 Strickland's. The total number of Land Rovers were 41. The total number of Jeeps was 74 plus 6 GPA's. I have gone back through the vehicle lists since 2008 and have compared the number of Land Rovers to Jeeps. You might want to spread the word that next year is Year of the Land Rover otherwise it will end up looking more like Year of the jeep if their numbers are higher. There are people already planning to bring their Jeeps so the Land Rovers may not outnumber them.
2008 - Land Rovers 23 and Jeeps 58
2009 - Land Rovers 22 and Jeeps 45
2010 - Land Rovers 24 and Jeeps 180
2011- Land Rovers 49 and Jeeps 65
2012 - Land Rovers 19 and Jeeps 66
2013 - Land Rovers 25 and Jeeps 71
2014 - Land Rovers 32 and Jeeps 84
2015 - Land Rovers 40 and Jeeps 79
2016- Land Rovers 30 and Jeeps 81
2017 - Land Rovers 41 and Jeeps 80

these numbers also include GPA's

There will be a complete vehicle attendance list posted soon

Jan Thompson 23-03-17 04:34

2 x LP1 Carriers
2 x LP2 Carriers
6 X LP2A Carriers
1 x Sentinel 3” Mortar Carrier
1 x LP Carrier (unknown mark)
2 x Strickland Bren Tractors
1 x International ACCO Mk4 truck
1 x International F2 tipper truck
3 x International F1 trucks
2 x International Farmall tractors
1 x International F2 cargo truck
1 x International C-line truck
1 x International AR160 truck
4 x International Mk3 trucks
1 x International F5 wrecker
1 x International KB truck
21 x Land Rover 110 Perentie 4x4
7 x Land Rover Series 2A
2 x Land Rover Series 3
4 x Land Rover 101 trucks
6 x Land Rover Perentie 6x6
1 x Land Rover 1/2 ton Lightweight
1 x GKN Sankey FV432 APC
1 x Alvis Stalwart amphibian
1 x M274 Mule
6 x Bicycles
2 x Toyota HJ47
35 x Willys MB jeeps
2 x Willys CJ2A jeeps
1x Welbike
2 x Willys M38 jeeps
1 x Willys CJ3B jeep
1 x Willys M606
33 x Ford GPW jeeps
3 x International S-line tractor units
1 x Chevrolet C15A
6 x Ford GPA amphibians
2 x Chevrolet C60
1 x Chevrolet C8AX
1x AM-General HMMV H1
16 x Dodge WC model
1 x Datsun 200B station wagon
1 x Steyr Puch Pinzgauer
1 x FIAT SPA TL37 gun tractor
2 x GMC 353 CCKW trucks
5 x Yamaha XT600 motorcycles
5 x Studebaker US6 trucks
2 x Ford Falcons
3 x BSA WM20 motorcycles
1 x Mercedes 911 fire truck
2 x Austin Champs
1 x White M3A1 scout car
1 x Mack R 6x6 tipper
2 x Ford F60L Blitz
1 x Mitsubushi Canter 4x4
1 x Leyland Moke
2 x Harley Davidson WLA m/cycles
3 x Daimler Ferret scout cars
1 x LARC 5 amphibian
2 x Indian Chief 344 m/cycles
1 x OKA
1 x AMG M151A2 MUTT
1 x Volkswagen Kdf82 Kubelwagen
2 x Blitz (unknown)

Total number 223 plus 6 bicycles

Phil Waterman 23-03-17 13:28

Thanks for event reports
Hi Jan

Thanks for the detail on vehicles attending, this is something that people organizing events should consider both as a report on event and as a draw for future years.

Always great photos of Corowa looking forward to more.

Cheers Phil

Keith Webb 24-03-17 10:55

CMPs there
One of the 'unknown' blitzes was Mario's C60S, ex No6 Artillery Tractor, there were also two C60Ls and Cameron's F60S. The two F60Ls were Cab 12s.

Jan Thompson 25-03-17 09:43

News from the KVE Public Relations Officer
Many thanks to MLU members who attended the Corowa Swim-In in 2017.

The event is becoming more popular. The theme for 2018 is Year of the Land Rover. We looked at statistics comparing the number of Land Rovers in attendance since 2008. Will the Jeep numbers again succeed over the number of Land Rovers?? We know there have been many recent sales of Land Rovers through auction and privately so for those who own a Land Rover we hope to see it next year.
2008 23 Land Rovers to 58 Jeeps
2009 22 Land Rovers to 45 Jeeps
2010 24 Land Rovers to 180 Jeeps
2011 48 Land Rovers to 65 Jeeps
2012 19 Land Rovers to 66 Jeeps
2013 25 Land Rovers to 71 Jeeps
2014 32 Land Rovers to 74 Jeeps
2015 40 Land Rovers to 79 Jeeps
2016 30 Land Rovers to 81 Jeeps
2017 41 Land Rovers to 80 Jeeps

We are aiming to contact Land Rover Clubs to see if we can publicise the event to people who own military Land Rovers. We also encourage people with all types of military vehicles to attend every year.

Dates for future Swim-In events at Corowa:
2018: 12-18th March – Year of the Land Rover
2019: 11-18th March – Year of the Amphibian and Year of Prototype (this is also the 40th Year of the Swim-In)
2020: 9-16th March – Year of the Motorcycle (40th Anniversary of the Corowa Swim-In)
2021: 8-15th March – Year of the Jeep (celebrating 80 years of the Jeep).

To be kept up to date with swim-in news please make sure you are on our database. The easiest way is to send an email to: or phone Jan on 0412 078096.

2017 post event report:
By 28th February we had 300 pre-registered participants. We successfully applied during the year to the Federation Council and received a Tourism event grant. Due to the amalgamation of the Corowa and Urana Shires to form the Federation Council we received a smaller amount this year due to the number of extra applicants. We also received a grant from the Corowa RSL which goes towards our parade.
By the end of the event we had 223 vehicles plus 6 bicycles. There were 14 carriers plus a FV432. There were 11 LP Carriers which included 2 x LP1 carriers and a British 3 inch Mortar Carrier Also attending were 2 Strickland Bren Tractors. With the International theme we had 17 trucks and 2 Farmall tractors. The oldest being a WW2 KB truck.

Participants all had Voting forms and nominated KVE members check the forms after 12 MD on Saturday.
Awards were given to:
1. Mal Mackay Memorial Award: This award will be given to an individual who appears to get the most enjoyment out of being at Corowa. John Mackie
2. Hard Luck award: Went to Deborah Birrell who had a brake problem in the DUKW on the way to Corowa and meant it had to be left half way
3. Breakdown Award: Wayne Lane. He was the only carrier going on the Thursday trip in the convoy to the offroad course and broke down half way and had to return to Ball Park
4. Longest distance driven in a military vehicle: Gary Schluter from WA.
5. Encouragement Award: Makere Beale made the trip from New Zealand with her father Rob. She arrived on the Wednesday afternoon and was very enthusiastic and helped on the site office and went 4WD on Thursday and arrived back driving a Land Rover
6. Vehicle - People’s Choice For your favourite vehicle attending this year. Fiat SPA TL37 Gun Tractor owned by Alan Blackwell
7. Carrier - People’s Choice: For your favourite Carrier attending this year.
2 awards were given to the carrier theme vehicles. The LP2 owned by Robin Mawson and driven by Chris Munford and the second award was given to Mark Young for his LP2A carrier
8. International - People’s Choice: For your favourite International vehicle attending this year.
2 awards were given to the International theme vehicles. The International F5 wrecker owned by Chris Watson and the WW2 KB International owned by Geoff Naylor.

There was a wide range of interesting amphibious vehicles with 5 GPA’s, a LARC 5 and a Alvis Stalwart. We were looking forward to the DUKW but due to a breakdown it failed to arrive.

There was a wide choice of opportunities for those who wanted to participate in activities. On Monday Alex McPherson organised a 4WD trip and on Thursday Glen Weltner organised another 4WD trip. Some people attended school visits, others went to Bandiana on the pre organised trip led by Mick Morrissey and there was a large turn out to see the Corowa Wool Store and REMLR organised an overnight trip to Blighty. There were also 2 off road locations close to Corowa which included the Racecourse back paddock and Maurice Wilson’s property. On the Friday night Deborah Birrell gave a very interesting talk on her experiences on the Kokoda Trail. Each year we have a guest who gives a talk and the Corowa Footy Club, across the road from Ball Park has been the ideal location as we can also have a meal at a reasonable charge and find out the last minute plans for the parade.

Due to another event occurring in Victoria at the same time there were a number of people who made contact with me as they were upset at being charged higher than normal room rates. We recommend pre-booking your accommodation from one year to the next and sometimes a deposit is required and if you can’t attend this deposit is usually refunded with adequate notice.

We commence organising our participant packs months prior to the event as we have to pre-order items such as caps, plaques, Special edition newsletters and stickers. We would appreciate people entering the event ASAP so we can get approximate numbers at least 2 months before the event. If you pre-register and are unable to attend we can either offer you a refund or put your entry towards the following year so please don’t hold back to the last minute and enter then as it may be too late.

We were very pleased with the number of attendees and the positive comments we received from both visitors and participants. Hope you have had time to read your Special Edition Newsletter and just remember to read it when it is handed to you as it had all the details of trips, meeting times and locations along with interesting articles. In the participant packs there are also Voting forms, an entry form for the following year, a sticker to advertise the following year and some vouchers for local businesses.

My full Corowa report will be in the June edition of the KVE news.

All the best for restorations for 2018 and beyond.

Jan Thompson-Creamer
KVE Secretary and Public Relations Officer

hrpearce 25-04-17 08:43

2 Attachment(s)
I have a new nbn connection and can add pictures again.
The new office
Group photo

hrpearce 25-04-17 08:49

2 Attachment(s)
My blitz was there this year, although it had a short run on a tilt tray.
This was our first Corowa without children.

hrpearce 14-05-17 22:13

2 Attachment(s)
I can upload photos again, half safe replica at Corowa.

Jan Thompson 15-05-17 09:14

Hi Robert
When are you going to upload the names on the KVE photo which was taken on the Saturday at lunchtime? There is only one person I couldn't identify but that could be a friend of Graham Meyers.

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