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Jan Thompson 27-04-18 09:02

Corowa 2019
In 2019 we will be celebrating 40 years of the Corowa Swim-In. It will start on Monday 11th March and end of Sunday 17th March.

We have started putting together a book which will be released at the 40th Anniversary of the event in 2020 (41st year). We encourage any person who has attended the Swim-In to participate in writing stories on their experiences of the event. Please send me a message so I can forward you a form to get you started.

I am sure there are a number of stories which you could all share along with some photos.

After attending Corowa since 1980 (when it started I am sure I can put some information together) along with trip reports which have been included on the website and anyone who has written a report can forward it to Richard Farrant, our Webmaster and President.

With 2018 being our largest attendance of vehicles we know the event will get bigger in the future. 270 vehicles with 111 Land Rovers which were the theme vehicles and 84 jeeps plus 3 GPA's and a number of other types of vehicles.

We are now looking forward to the 2019 themes which are Year of the Amphibian and Year of the Prototype.
In 2020 we will have year of the motorcycle and then in 2021 is another Year of the Jeep. Will those with Land Rovers try and beat the number of jeeps! Anything is possible with the release of Land rovers through Frontline Machinery.
In 2022 it will be Year of the Heavy Metal.

Jan Thompson 24-06-18 12:07

The next KVE newsletter will be out within 5-10 days. There are some updates and stories of great interest.

Richard Farrant 01-07-18 20:48

Latest KVE News now online
The latest issue of the KVE News with full report of this year's Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering is available on our website,

Here is a direct link to the newsletter :

Details of the 2019 event are in there too, it will be the 40th Corowa Swim-In, so something to celebrate.

regards, Richard

Richard Farrant 31-10-18 22:44

Latest KVE News is now online with news of the Corowa Swim-In
To all those who come to the Annual Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering in Corowa NSW, Australia, or to those that are thinking of attending, the latest KVE News is now online on our website, Click on to one of the cover page icons for the October issue of the newsletter, or try this direct link;

All the up to date information is in it. The themes for 2019 are Year of the Amphibian and Year of the Prototype. As always, we encourage all types of military vehicles to attend, the more the merrier!
The reason for returning to the Amphibian theme again is that 2019 will be the 40th consecutive annual event at Corowa and it all started with a meet up of amphibious jeep owners with other ex-military vehicles tagging along....... it just grew from there to the largest gathering of ex-military vehicles in Australia.

The form for booking a Swap Meet stall is also on the Download page as well as Participants entry form.

If you are planning on coming to Corowa in March, please get your entry forms in as soon as possible so we can get a good idea of numbers in advance for us to order items for the Participant Packs.

We have been awarded a sponsorship grant from the Federation Council at Corowa. The council and townsfolk really do appreciate our precence every year and do all they can to help us.

If you have any questions, please contact us, (see page 2 of newsletter for contact details).

best regards,
Richard Farrant
President & Editor
Khaki Vehicle Enthusiasts Inc. - Organisers of the Corowa Swim-In

Jan Thompson 14-01-19 07:14

Corowa Swim-in latest news
With less than 2 months now until the next Swim-In please get your entries in ASAP. The next newsletter will be out next week. If you are not on our database please forward an email to

We have a good program of events starting on Wednesday with a trip to Dookie via three lots of painted grain silos. We will stop at Devenish where we will hear from a historian then make our way to Dookie for lunch and I am sure everyone will like to look at the Dookie Emporium.

Thursday's trip is to Berrigan - 9am: Trip to Kel Baxterís property at Berrigan, here is some of the things we will see;
Farming - Corn crops with possible harvester demonstration - Cotton crops nearing maturity - Grain storage facilities - Large Farm machinery and a few items of old farm machinery on display - Old Woolshed Transport: Road Trains and B Doubles and a couple of old trucks on display - Couple of old cars.
Military: The seven that go to Corowa and a couple that donít and the work they do on the farm and the chance of a surprise.

Friday is a trip to the South Corowa Primary School in the morning and in the afternoon a visit to Maurice Wilson's property on the outskirts of Corowa.
In the evening Doug Draeger is our guest speaker at the Corowa Football Club. A meal is also offered for $20 per person.

Saturday starts with the parade leaving Bangerang Park at 9am sharp then out to the Showgrounds for the Swap Meet.
In the afternoon there will be vehicle activities from 1pm and we hope everyone can come along on Saturday night at 7:30pm. Come to the Radar Van. All participants are invited to our commemoration and presentations. We are celebrating 40 years of this event and if you were there in 1980 we hope you can come along for a commemoration and group photo. Following this will be presentations and awards and if any-one wants to talk about organizing an event over the next few years we hope they will come along.

Please read this;
You may not be aware that the Ball Park Caravan Park is now under new management. It is still owned by the Federation Council, but has new managers from a company running the park on behalf of the council. The park is being upgraded and current fire and safety regulations are being put into place so there are likely to be a few changes to when you were there last time. The park has only ever had a licence for 80 unpowered camp sites and this is now being enforced. Camping has also been removed from the oval, to provide recreational space, however for our event the management are allowing some camping on the oval. Also there are boom gates by the park office, to make the site more secure.

The toilet and shower facilities for campers, disabled and families have been upgraded, and all of these are now fully open including the one that was near to the jumping pillow.

There will be no camping under annual sites.

If you intend staying at Ball Park, you need to book in advance and pay a deposit, so if you have not done so already, you are advised to book your campsite as soon as possible.

The new managers are Anne and Peter George, their number is (02) 6033 1426 and there is a new email address, which is

The KVE Committee have met the new management on two occasions so they are aware what our wishes and needs are to run a smooth event and they are keen to help us but at the same time we have to accept the new changes. We hope you will be considerate and understanding about this and appreciate the groundwork that has been done in recent months to make the 40th Swim-In a success.

The KVE Radar trailer and Site Office will be relocated to the grassed area opposite the Ball Park office adjacent to the row of cabins. This makes it outside of the boom gates as vehicles and participants not residing at Ball Park will not be able to pass this point. Limited parking will be available on the slip road on the left as you approach the Ball Park office for those coming to register their entries at the KVE Site Office, or alternatively you can park in Rowers Park across from the main entrance to Ball Park.

Every effort is being made to make the 2019 Swim-In a great event.

Thank you
from the Committee of KVE Inc.

lynx42 21-01-19 05:04

Cabin available in Ball Park.
I am unhappy to tell you all that, due to my ongoing ill health, I will have to miss Corowa for this year. I will be in hospital for 4/5 weeks from the 25th February 2019. That means that my cabin at Ball Park will be available for this year only. It is cabin no.6 and I have just advised Ball Park of my inability to attend and asked that my deposit be carried over for next year. This they have agreed to do.

If you want a cabin for this year only, give Ball Park Caravan Park a call on 02 60331426.

Regards Rick.

Howard 22-01-19 11:00

Sorry to hear that, Rick
I hope you are on the mend quickly, and back into cabin 6 in 2020!
H :cheers:

Richard Farrant 22-01-19 22:59

The latest edition of the KVE News is now on the website.
To go straight to it, click the link below:

This coming March is the 40th Corowa Swim-In, already an assortment of amphibians entered and more coming as well as all other types of military vehicles. All the latest information is in the above newsletter.

Entry form is on the website as well.


Richard Farrant 17-02-19 21:36

Hi all,
For those of you who are planning on coming to the Corowa Swim-In we have received an update from Ball Park Caravan Park, it is posted up on the Corowa Swim-In website and Facebook, but also copied on here. Item 1 is information for those already booked into Ball Park, Item 2 is those who have not booked camping space yet and good news as more spaces are now available:

17-2-19 Update on Ball Park Caravan Park:

For people staying at Ball Park Caravan Park during the Corowa Swim-In please take note of the following:

1. If you are not arriving during the daytime you will need to phone the managers Anne and Peter on (02) 6033 1426 to gain an access code so you can enter through the boom gates after hours.

2. If you have not yet booked a camp site there are now more un-powered sites available. We have received an update that there are now going to be 135 un-powered sites at Ball Park rather than 80 which is going to make things better for the Swim-In. Contact the managers on (02) 6033 1426. There have been problems with their main phone line so the alternative number is 0467 760 113.

We appreciate the recognition the Federation Council have given to our event.

Don't forget, pre-registration entries close on 28th February, so enter now if you intend coming, thank you.

Richard Farrant
President - KVE Inc.

Jan Thompson 27-02-19 09:46

program of events
Program of Activities For the Corowa Swim-In and Military Vehicle Gathering:
Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th March: no organised activities.

Wednesday 13th March:
8:30am departure from Ball Park Caravan Park: Trip from Corowa to Dookie via Mulwala. Tangamah, Devenish and Goorambat. Lunch will be at Dookie.
Blighty trip: after finishing at Dookie Mick Morrissey from REMLR is leading a trip to the Blighty Pub, then on Thursday morning they will leave Blighty for Berrigan. Mick can be contacted on 0419 008690

Thursday 14th March:
9am: Trip to Kel Baxters property at Berrigan. There will be a BBQ lunch provided.
4:30pm: all amphibious vehicles are invited to meet at the boat ramp near the Lone Pine Motel. There will be a trip down the river arriving at the Lagoon below Ball Park Caravan Park at approximately 5pm.

Friday 15th March:
7:30-9:30am: KVE BBQ at Ball Park Caravan Park
10am: Land Rover Photo Shoot Ė all Land Rovers will meet at Bangerang Park and depart for a nearby location at 10:30am
10:30am: Departure from Ball Park Caravan park to the Corowa South Primary School in the morning
2:00pm: trip to Maurice Wilsonís property on the outskirts of Corowa in the afternoon. There is an off road bush track.

From 5pm: Guest speaker will be Doug Draeger and the Corowa Footy Club: the club will provide a 2 course meal.
Approx 6pm: meal is served
7:30pm Parade Briefing & Doug Draeger will be the 2019 Guest Speaker. Please support the Footy Club who will be providing a 2 course meal for $20. Drinks to be purchased at the Club No BYO

Saturday 16th March: Vehicles will line up at Bangerang Park from 7.30am and participate in the parade at 9am to the Corowa Showgrounds where there will be a photo shoot and swap meet.
11:00am Ė Group photos of people associated with various forums such as the KVE, MLU and REMLR.
12.00MD: ensure your voting forms are submitted at the KVE Site Office at Corowa Showground/Racecourse.
From1pm: vehicle activities down by the lagoon
Saturday evening at Ball Park Caravan Park Presentations: Come and support the Presentations on Saturday evening.
From 6-7pm: Celebrate Jan Thompsonís 50th Birthday at the radar van. Bring your own drinks and chairs. Nibbles will be provided
7:30pm Sharp: We are celebrating 40 years of this event and if you were there in 1980 we hope you can come along for a commemoration and group photo. Following this will be presentations and awards and if anyone wants to talk about organizing an event over the next few years we hope they will come along. Bring your own drinks and chairs.

Sunday 17th March: KVE will have a General Meeting and an AGM, 10am, at Bindaree Motel and Caravan Park, Corowa. Members and visitors are invited
Sunday evening Ė from 6pm there will be a meal at the RSL Club.

For the trips to different locations from Wednesday to Friday please put your name and type of vehicle on the list provided. Route Cards are available for the trips to Dookie and Berrigan.

Donít forget to visit the KVE Radar van which will be located on the grass near the main Ball Park Caravan Park office. If you have pre-registered your pack will be at the Site Office. If you havenít pre-registered sign your vehicle in so we can give you a vehicle number and this helps us give a total number of vehicles in attendance at the event.

Ganmain Tony 19-03-19 11:52

5 Attachment(s)
Didnt take many..

But here are a few

Ganmain Tony 19-03-19 11:55

4 Attachment(s)
A few more,

Ganmain Tony 19-03-19 12:00

3 Attachment(s)
Some thing unusual turns up..

Richard Farrant 16-06-19 22:15

Latest edition of KVE News
The latest edition of KVE News is on the website now, but below is a direct link;

There is a full report on the 40th Swim-In at Corowa in March. Also details on the 2020 event. The theme for next year is Year of the Military Motorcycle so bring out the Harley WLA, BSA M20 or B40, etc.
As always, all ex-military vehicles are welcomed.

For those of you that are going to the Menangle Military Muster on 13/14th July, there is a KVE General Meeting on Friday 12th July, 4.00pm at the nearby Campbelltown RSL club, go to and full details are on the Home page.

Richard Farrant
President and Editor - Khaki Vehicle Enthusiasts Inc.

Jan Thompson 17-06-19 08:28

5 Attachment(s)
On Thursday 13th June one of the founders of the Corowa Swim-In, Alan Newton passed away in a Brisbane Hospital. His last visit to Corowa was in 2016. He was given Life Membership of KVE in 2016.

Please be advised that Alan's family has invited people who knew Allan and who would like to pay their respects, to attend his funeral and a gathering following the service.
The funeral will be held this Thursday (20/6/2019) at 1pm at George Hartnett Funerals, 19-21 Anzac Ave, Redcliffe.
A gathering will take place after the service at Mon Kono, 99 Marine Parade, Redcliffe.

Here are some more photos of Alan

Attachment 107866 Attachment 107868

Attachment 107867 Attachment 107869

Attachment 107870

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