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Richard Farrant 26-05-14 00:40

Corowa Swim-In now on Facebook page
Hi all,
KVE have just launched a Facebook page for the Corowa Swim-In. Please visit it and add comments, photos, etc from this year's event. Keep it bookmarked and any news or information will be up on there.

The website address is:
It is a public page which anyone can read.

There may be other sites on Facebook with the event name, but only the one with the KVE logo is the genuine one.

Richard Farrant
KVE Committee and Newsletter editor

Jan Thompson 28-05-14 14:46

Fortunately we now had 2 members who offered to set our event on Facebook. Looks like I will have to join Facebook. Many thanks to Ann and Ian for doing this for KVE.

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