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SDeMocko 20-07-11 18:59

Exhaust Manifolds
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Hi all carrier people. I just purchased a set of exhaust manifolds for my project. For a while I thought that they were carrier specific until I saw a pic of one in the Joblot catalog. I wanted to pass on the info for those who were as ill informed as myself. I know that Joblot had additional RH side NOS parts but no lefts. I found a good used left one at Little Dearborn. Both companies were very helpful and nice to deal with, especially Joblot who looked at some pics and helped me identify the left side. Little Dearborn may have additional LH sides.

Joblot Automotive, Inc
P.O. Box 75 Queens Village, NY 11429
(718) 468-8585, FAX (714)-468-8686, Email:

Right hand side
1932-1936 NOS Ford Part# 18-9430 $45.00 USD

Little Dearborn parts, Inc
2424 University Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
612-331-2066, FAX 612-331-3847

Left hand side
1933-1936 good used Ford Part# 40-9431 $60.00 USD

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