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Jan Thompson 11-07-09 05:03

Corowa 2010 - Year of the Jeep
Planning is well under way for the 31st Annual GPA Swim-In and Ex-Military Vehicle Gathering. I now have 48 pre-registered participants and this includes 29 Jeeps.

We should have a competition to see who can guess the correct number of Jeeps which arrive at Corowa in March next year. I am anticipating approximately 200. The website has the Entry Form and you will notice we are asking for more specific information on Jeeps. They will be put into categories and John Oldenmenger has drafted a system for the parade and photo shoot he would like to use for this theme.

Please send your Entry forms in ASAP and encourage other people to do the same. With numbers of total vehicles in attendance likely to exceed last years record of 194 it will take more organising.

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions on running the event or if you would like to join KVE Inc there is a membership form on our website.

In May we released the third edition of our KVE News and after our AGM in September we will be able to provide more details on the 2010 event. The next newsletter will probably go out in October so if you would like to contribute anything please email it to me. There are many people who don't have internet access so we would appreciate if you could provide them with current details and even a copy of the newsletter.

Over the past few years we have had some good media coverage. There have been stories and photos in the May 2009 Edition of Truckin Life, July 2009 edition of Jeep Action Australia, April 2009 edition of Owner Driver and a new magazine called The Pathfinder has been released in the UK. Their first edition has a large feature on Corowa 2009. Shortly Military Machines International will also have some coverage.

Snowy 11-07-09 10:27

A vehicle breakdown in central NSW stopped me from getting to Corowa last year, so I hope to get there for my first time next year. I'm considering driving down from Queensland in my WWII jeep - possibly, or flying to Melbourne(?) and finding some means of getting to Corowa from there. I won't know till closer to the event if I can get time to go, yet.
So my questions are - If I do drive, can I bring the entry form and pay when I arrive in Corowa? Do I still need to have an entry form if I don't attend with a vehicle? Or if I put in an entry and can't make it, would I be eligible for a refund?
Thanks for any comments. I hope to one day bring the Weasels down there, fingers crossed!


Jan Thompson 12-07-09 02:12

Hi Steve,
If you pay your $10 entry before the end of February you will receive a participant pack upon arrival at Ball Park Caravan Park. You will receive a certificate of attendance for your vehicle and other momentos. If you pay and don't end up attending the event we will organise for you to receive your momentos. It is too difficult to give refunds and most people are happy to receive something for their money.

By pre-registering it also makes it easier for us to put together your package prior to the event. To make things easier we might not be writing out certificates of attendance for people who don't pre-register.

Hope this answers your questions and good luck with getting your Jeep to Corowa in 2010.

Snowy 13-07-09 00:25

OK thanks Jan for that. Do I need to send an entry form in if I don't bring a vehicle, or can I just turn up? Looks like Rex flies Sydney to Albury, and Mr Google reckons a bus goes from Albury to Corowa (via Barnawatha, which would be great to go through and see, as that is where my jeep came from according to its previous owner :) Thanks again,


Jan Thompson 13-07-09 06:11

Hi Steve.
I recommend that you return an entry form with some money whether attending with or without a vehicle. You are officially then classed as a participant and will receive a package upon arrival at Corowa. This money then goes back into the organisation of the event for the following year. If you include your contact details I can then add you to my database.

Howard 13-07-09 14:31

Getting there

Originally Posted by Snowy (Post 116543)
...Rex flies Sydney to Albury, and Mr Google reckons a bus goes from Albury to Corowa...

OR hitch a ride in something green from Albury to Corowa... :thup:

Ian Fawbert 14-07-09 04:28

Hi Steve,

Em and I are 99.9% certain we are going down sunday 7th to get the full week in. If you want, we can come pick you up somewhere whenever you get there- eg albury. We'll have both my ute and the jeep.

Also, I know of one little jeep which would be more than happy to passenger you around while your there. Its the least i could do considering the help you've given me in lifts here and there!


Jan Thompson 14-07-09 11:49

There are always people going to and from Albury so if there is anyone else requiring a lift the best thing to do is speak out.

More people are arriving the weekend before which is great but just be careful of accommodation as it is the Victorian Labour Day weekend and you might have difficulty getting a bed in town. If you do have problems contact the Corowa Tourist Information Centre directly and they will do a search for you. Their details are on our website.

Snowy 15-07-09 13:14

OK thanks again Jan. Ian, thanks also for your kind offer, I'll keep that in mind!
Howard, my mum always told me never to hitchhike with strangers :nono:
But if it's green and ex-military, I may make an exception :D


Jan Thompson 19-09-09 11:01

On Saturday 26th September KVE will be holding an AGM and General Meeting at Corowa from 1pm. We will be able to inform you of the program and other details on the 31st Annual GPA Swim-In and ex-military vehicle gathering.

If all goes to plan we hope to produce another newsletter prior to the end of October. If you have any stories or For Sale/Wanted items please send me an email

It is only 6 months away now so get your Entry Forms back ASAP. Take a look at our website if you require any forms or details associated with accommodation.

Jan Thompson 28-09-09 11:45

The KVE AGM and General Meetings went really well on Saturday 26th September. It was a bit cold and wet but the company was good. The new committee members are:
President - Rick Cove
Vice President - Tim Scriven
Treasurer - Maureen Bell
Secretary - Jan Thompson
Committee - Euan McDonald, Keith Adam and John Wright

We have looked at the program and soon it will be published. Very similar activities to the past years with a few surprise activities.

If anyone would like to advertise any for sale/wanted ads please email them to me. If you have a story on the restoration of one of your vehicles or anything you think military vehicle enthusiasts would like to hear about send me an email.

Jan Thompson 03-10-09 08:34

Monday 8th March: Event Commences

Tuesday 9th March: Visit to Bandiana

Wednesday 10th March: 10am Visit to Karinya Apartments Aged Care Facility in Guy St Corowa. They will provide a sausage sizzle.

Thursday 11th March: 10am Depart Corowa Airport for Maurice Wilsonís property
6pm: Corowa Shire Welcome at the Corowa RSL. Guest speaker Lang Kidby

Friday 12th March: Trip to Chiltern.

Saturday 13th March: 7.30am Line up for parade at Bangerang Park
9.00am sharp: parade commences and goes to the Corowa Airport. Photoshoot,
9.45am: Swap Meet at Corowa Airport run by Corowa Rotary Club
12.30pm: MLU Photo and MVCA photo
1pm: Gymkhana at Corowa Airport
7.30pm: Auction and presentations: Ball Park Caravan Park.

Sunday 14th March: Farewell to people leaving the event.
10am: KVE General Meeting
7pm: Dinner at the Royal Hotel.

At the moment this is the Program for the week. We still have to work out when the Billy Cart races will be held.

Jan Thompson 23-10-09 10:44

Hi all,
Take a look at our revamped website. Ben Hemmings has added some extra information and has more to add shortly.

The next KVE newsletter will be going out within the next week so if you have any contributions please send them my way.

If you are not on my database please forward your contact details now to be informed of updates as they occur.

Jan Thompson 09-11-09 22:20

Corowa 2010 updates
For those of you who are not on the KVE database you can check on updates for Corowa 2010 by going to the website.
The site is being modified regularly. A copy of the 4th Newlsetter has been posted and contains the most up to date information.

There are now 96 pre-registered entries and the majority of vehicles are Jeeps. There has also been lots of interest from overseas.

Don't forget to send your entry to me prior to the end of February. Feel free to forward me your contact details so I can email you directly any updates in the future.

Richard Farrant 09-11-09 22:24


Originally Posted by Jan Thompson (Post 121596)
There are now 96 pre-registered entries and the majority of vehicles are Jeeps. There has also been lots of interest from overseas.


Good to see the entries rolling in, with still four months to go, but still a way to go to equal the entry figure for this year.


Jan Thompson 09-11-09 22:28

Are you coming out next year? There are a few people from the UK already on my list.

Richard Farrant 09-11-09 22:33


Originally Posted by Jan Thompson (Post 121598)
Are you coming out next year? There are a few people from the UK already on my list.

Will give you a call ;)

Ian Pullen 13-11-09 09:34

Gentlemen, Jeeps would be amongst the most numerous and easiest of vehicles to get to Corowa, and with only a few months to go what say we make things a little interesting.
Who's interested in a little side wager as to how many Jeeps (any variant, any condition) get there????
I start with an even 50


Jan Thompson 13-11-09 22:00

Out of 101 Pre-registered entries I have 65 Jeeps. Yesterday 4 entries arrived and all were Jeeps. If you don't want to miss out on some great memorabilia please forward your Entry Forms ASAP. I am going to predict there will be around 200 Jeeps.

Euan McDonald 14-11-09 00:57

Ian, put me down for a 100 Jeeps. Even though I'm a CMP man I will bring a jeep next year as well as the CGT & C15A.

Richard Farrant 14-11-09 01:00


Originally Posted by Jan Thompson (Post 121761)
Out of 101 Pre-registered entries I have 65 Jeeps. Yesterday 4 entries arrived and all were Jeeps. If you don't want to miss out on some great memorabilia please forward your Entry Forms ASAP. I am going to predict there will be around 200 Jeeps.

So, if you can get around 200 jeeps entered, there could be another 50+ other military vehicles, going by previous years, with Blitz, Carries, Land Rovers and a few tanks, etc. It could be a big turnout. Best of luck.

Jan Thompson 14-11-09 04:14

This could be the biggest ever display of military vehicles in Corowa. All we need to do is pass the 2009 total of 194.

The event in 2011 is Year of the British and European Vehicles. I wonder if the Land Rover people will come out in force and equal the amount of Jeeps in 2010. They have plenty of time to get these vehicles restored.

phoenix 19-11-09 06:33

Us land rover people (REMLR especially) have plans to try and get as many as we can there in 2011 ;)

Dinty 19-11-09 08:10

G'day All, Anyone got any pull with the green machine LOL and I will bring all of these + 2 trailers, maybe thats wishfull thinking LOL anyway cheers Dennis :sheep:

Howard 19-11-09 08:27

My Guess

Originally Posted by Ian Pullen (Post 121737)
...Who's interested in a little side wager as to how many Jeeps (any variant, any condition) get there???? I start with an even 50... :D

I was going to say 100, but Euan took it. So, I say, 102.
$10 'wager' :salute:

Jan Thompson 03-12-09 11:06

1 Attachment(s)
I now have 121 entries and this includes 79 Jeeps. 36 are Ford, 39 are Willys and 4 are post WW2.

Hope people are able to use the colour poster produced by Howard Holgate to advertise the event for us when you are on outings or even put it in your workplace.

On Friday 4th December the Committee of KVE are meeting at Rosehill Bowling Club in Sydney. We will have further updates after this meeting.

Programme of events
Tuesday 9th March: Visit to Bandiana
1.00pm: Visit The Army Museum Bandiana.

Wednesday 10th March: Visit to the Karinya Aged Care Facility. The convoy will depart Ball Park at 9.45am

2pm: Billy cart races at Ball Park Caravan Park

Thursday 12th March: Trip to Maurice Wilsonís property: 10.00am departure from Corowa Airport

6.00pm: Corowa RSL Betterment Parade, Corowa - Lang Kidby will talk on the World War Two Military Vehicle Convoy Istanbul to Normandy: 65th Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Friday 12th March: Trip to Chiltern: We will visit the Wahgunyah Primary School, go on a bush run and a visit the Historic town of Chiltern.

Saturday 13th March: Parade, Swap Meet and other activities
7.30am onwards: Commence forming up for the parade.
9am sharp. Parade commences from Bangerang Park
9.45am: Swap Meet at Corowa Airport. The Corowa Rotary Club will be running the Swap Meet again in 2010.
12.30pm: MLU Forum group photo and MVCA group photo
1.00pm: Gymkhana at Corowa Airport & Billy cart races
Saturday 13th March: Auction and Presentations
7.30pm SHARP: Come and support the Auction and presentations on Saturday evening. We will not be organising a meal on the Saturday evening. There is bound to be a combination of items of interest.

Sunday 14th March:
10.00am: KVE Inc General Meeting
6.30pm onwards: For people staying on until Monday come along to The Royal Hotel for a final dinner. There will be a specials board.

Ian Pullen 04-12-09 05:55

OK. First guess long way out. Let's go one paddle pop for 106
(and a chocolate one at that)........

Ian Pullen 17-12-09 05:59

Corowa 2010
Well, no-one can say that the committee have not gone out of their way this year to make the week of "Corowa" even bigger, better and more entertaining than ever.

But then you have to ask why, why why? That the green, green grass of home is not unusal this particular time of the year. :confused

It seems that Sir Tom Jones, backed by David Campbell (Jimmy Barnes' son) will be performing at the Day on the Green at the All Saint's Winery at Rutherglen on Sat 13 Mar. :eek:

So for those who may be on the fringe of deciding to come or not, this is an opportunity for international class entertainment.
With this however means that if you are hoping for accommodation without prior booking, guess again as the Day on the Green usually brings in an audience of thousands even with local talent. :cheers:

Let's face it. This could be an amazing way to finish off your week. If you are interested in getting tickets Google A Day on the Green Rutherglen. You should be able to book online.

So ladies, join you gentlemen folk at Corowa this year & don't forget to bring the spare undies to throw on stage. Or guys too if that's your thing....... :blink:

Jan Thompson 17-12-09 06:07

This sounds good. They might be intersted in being in our parade on the Saturday. Let us know further details as they come to hand.

Howard 20-12-09 08:44

All Right!
The Holgates have bought their tickets!
Kids under 12 free in the GA area too!
Thanks for the 'heads up'! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Just Googled it... 4km Ball Park to Tom!

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