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Big D 13-08-14 09:26

M3A1 AOP Scout Car gallows Bren gun mount
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Hi all,

I am in the process of fabricating the gallows Bren gun mount for my M3A1 AOP Scout Car. I am hoping to get some measurements of the mount from another AOP owner but I have questions about how this mount on the AOP actually works.

I havenít seen one of these mounts in the flesh and I am curious about how the Bren is fitted to it.

Iíve attached photographs of the gallows mount. I see it has some sort of cable arrangement on the mount with what appears to be a handle on the end of the cable. The bent part of the mount appears to have a cutaway in it so I presume the cable runs through the pipe part of the mount?

How is the cable attached to the Bren? I am familiar with the Bren but canít see how the Bren is attached to this.

Can anyone enlighten me or send me some detailed photographs please?

matilda IIA 13-08-14 13:14

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I have a few of these mounts that are made into the sun shade frame on a modified Matilda dozer, I can take some close up photos if you like. the cable travels down the tube to a weight via a couple of pulleys.
Kind Regards

motto 13-08-14 14:20

There is a weight inside the vertical part of the tube. The cable is attached to this weight and comes out of the tube at the top of the bend and around a pulley. It runs across to another pulley on the end of the horizontal section of tube then down to a cradle which the gun sits in.
I have not seen a gun mounted so cannot tell you exactly how or where the cradle locates but from memory it consists of a bar with a 'U' shaped hook at each end as though the barrel of the gun could sit in it.


motto 13-08-14 14:24

I think you can see the shadow cast by the cradle in the middle picture. It looks like two loops.


Big D 13-08-14 21:54

Gallows mount
Hi Matt and Dave,

Thanks for the replies. That makes sense now with what you are saying. I'm guessing the weight is a piece the inner diameter of the outer pipe? Does this counter-balance the weight of the Bren?

That is, is there some sort of locking arrangement for the cable or does it just work solely off the weight at either end?

Matt - if you can post some close up photos, that would be appreciated please. That will allow me to get my head around it a bit more.

lynx42 14-08-14 01:02

Darryl, It works on the same system as the old sash windows. You might even be able to find a sash weight the right size to balance the Bren.

Regards Rick.

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 01:58

I have mine down at the sand blaster now and will pick it up later today. Happy to measure and get any details you need .

I will post some photos but maybe pvt e-mail for bigger more detailed photos if you want.

lets know .

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 04:06

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first batch of photos of mine

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 04:11

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next batch

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 04:17

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last batch unless you want a specific detail photographed.

Last picture just because its so cute.

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 04:44

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some dimensions for the lower half

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 05:11

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details of top section

cletrac (RIP) 14-08-14 05:12

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This dual mount is quite the contraption.

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 05:36

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first roller detail

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 06:00

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Front wheel detail .

The two eyelets located on the vertical part of the mount are castings welded on.
I cant draw them with any useful accuracy without doing a lot of work.

hope all that detail is useful

Mrs Vampire 14-08-14 08:25

Final bit of info part number stamped on brace in 3/8 letters


Big D 14-08-14 10:06

Gallows mount
Wow, thanks everyone for all the replies, photos, and Gina, the plans. I wasn't expecting such a wide response. That's great and it all made total sense to me.

I now know what is required for this and I have a mate coming over tomorrow with some pipe. He has a pipe bender and so hope to make a start on it soon.

Thanks again.

Big D 07-09-14 02:25

Gallows mount
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Hi all,

I have made some progress on this working off Gina's plan.

Gina (or anyone else who can assist); can you tell me please, what is the purpose of the captive bolt and the two eyelets on the pipe, shown on your plan? Do the eyelets just help to feed the cable through the centre of the pipe?

Excuse the ignorance. I am just trying to get my head around how it all works.

I have a couple of pulleys arranged so the mounts for these will be next.

Mrs Vampire 07-09-14 03:17

Looking good Daryl ...sorry dont have a clue what the eyelets and captive bolt are for....

Ryan 18-03-15 00:44

Great thread for an odd piece of kit.

Thinking of getting one made as well, those drawings Gina will come in very handy.

On the other hand is there any floating around for sale?

chris vickery 18-03-15 01:26

The dual mount looks like some kind of insane Mad Max zip line attachment...

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