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Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) 22-10-07 15:03

Corowa Project 30 Site Updates
I've now posted an updated Reports Section on Corowa30. This includes an introduction as well as the complete text of an after-action report by Dave Brown and Geoff Denniss, written right after the very first Corowa show in 1980. Quite entertaining, and it certainly sets the tone for what was to come... :D

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to more reports; this subsection isn't populated as yet, but will contain extracts only from reports covering the years 1981 through 2007 - the full reports will be included in the paper publication to come.

You can find this new page here:

Comments and suggestions are, as always, very welcome.


Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) 31-10-07 12:01

History Update
It's been a little while since the last new bit went up, but actually having to work for a living tends to get in the way from time-to-time. Bloody nuisance is what it is, when there are so many more interesting things to spend one's time on... :D

As Jan mentioned in the other thread, we've just put up an addition to the History section on the site. Written by Ian Grieve, one of the "originals", this is a short summary of his unique perspective of how Corowa evolved to begin with, followed by his assessment of what it's come to be after almost 30 years. You can access this further down the page here .

The event has certainly come a long way from those early days, but if my understanding is correct, like many shows everywhere, the essence of it - the vehicles, the comradery, the good spirits, new friends gained - are universal. It was certainly my own experience of Corowa last year, and I look forward to many more! :thup2:



Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) 11-11-07 23:41

A little more done this Sunday... the WHERE WE ARE section of Corowa30 has been fleshed out a bit, and has expanded beyond it's simplistic original intent (a map and related information) to include one aspect of Corowa which tends to make it a little different than most military vehicle shows.

The fact remains, Corowa has also long been a popular family-oriented event, where girlfriends, wives and children (not necessarily all at the same time :eek: ) have shown an equal interest in attending along with their male partners; we've elected to highlight this unique aspect of Corowa on this site.

We start with the story of two ladies who drove their jeep down to the event over several days, and then link to a new page (yet to be completed) which we intend will highlight the family orientation and enthusiasm of Corowa. From there we proceed to a link which will take you to another yet-to-be-scripted page which will include an interactive map of Corowa -- that is my next 'assignment'!

You can view today's output here: What and where is Corowa?

Thanks for your continuing interest! We drive on...


gary_bath_jr 03-11-09 05:33

Hey Geoff

All I get is a 404 error, Page cannot be displayed, not sure if it is just me.


Jan Thompson 03-11-09 06:07

We are merging all the Corowa information to the website We have updated this site and it will include reports on past events and photos.

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