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Default 4" Smoke Discharger

I finally received approval from ATF after an almost five month wait so that I could convert an Enfield rifle into a smoke discharger action. Here in the USA it is considered a short barrel rifle so requires federal papers similar to a live machine gun or live artillery piece. They have to be careful since you never can tell when groups of gang members will dump their AK-47s in favor of cut down Enfield’s when they go on killing sprees

The rifle I used was very beaten down as it had a long service life. It started life as a 1908 Number I Mark III produced by LSA Co which was London Small Arms. In 1914 it was condemned to emergency use only and the barrel, receiver and butt stock had EY stampings added with the 1914 date also being added with those markings on the butt stock. It had the addition of wire wrappings to reinforce it as a grenade launcher but I don't know if that occurred later in WWI or during WWII.

After cutting everything down and milling and threading the barrel for the 4" cup launcher and barrel nut, I blued the metal and refinished the wood which I'd carved down. Most of the carrier mounted launchers didn't retain the wood where the butt stock existed but I preferred to keep the wrist portion and carved it down into a small grip to make it easier to handle.

Shots below show the launcher mounted in my T-16 with and without protective covers as well as some closer shots with it dismounted.

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