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Five years ago (ref. publications on CMP and other Canadian vehicles on the old forum) I compiled a listing of all articles on CMP and/or Canadian vehicles that have appeared in Wheels & Tracks magazine issues 1 - 69 (1982-1999). I still need to go over issues 70-75 to complete the listing.

Hope this helps,

ISSUE No. 1 (October 1982)
Canadian Chevrolet C8A - Part 1.
Maple Leaf Jeeps - Canada's US-built '5-cwt cars' and home-grown 10-cwt trailers.

ISSUE No. 2 (January 1983)
Canadian Chevrolet C8A - Canada's Heavy Utility vehicles of WWII - Part 2.

ISSUE No. 4 (July 1983)
Canadian Dodge T212 - Chrysler Canada's 8-cwt 44 for the British Army, 1941.

ISSUE No. 7 (April 1984)
History Relived in Canada - the Canadian Military Historical Society and Gregg Canadian Collection.
General Crerar's Caravan - the rescue of a precious war relic.
Grizzlies and Sextons - Canadian ex-WWII AFVs from Portugal.

ISSUE No. 8 (July 1984)
Desert Chevrolets - a lone Long Range Desert Group survivor and its contemporaries.

ISSUE No. 9 (October 1984)
CMP Seminar '84 - reliving a period of Canadian history.

ISSUE No. 14 (January 1986)
Alexander's Ford Tourer - Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander's staff car, described by Fred Gaffen.

ISSUE No. 24 (July 1988)
Canadian Diamonds - Profile of the Diamond T Model 975(A), built exclusively for Canada.

ISSUE No. 25 (October 1988)
Canadian Prototypes - A review of experimental vehicles designed during 1935-41.

ISSUE No. 33 (October 1990)
Canadian AT Gun Portee - British-design 2pdr Portee on CMP CGT chassis.

ISSUE No. 34 (January 1991)
CMP Wreckers - Military twin-boom Breakdowns on Canadian Chevrolet and Ford Chassis.

ISSUE No. 37 (October 1991)
CMP Assembly Overseas - Re-assembly of knocked-down Canadian Military Pattern vehicles.

ISSUE No. 38 (January 1992)
Trucks for Albania and Yugoslavia - Transport provided by UNRRA for relief work in 1945/46.

ISSUE No. 41 (October 1992)
India's Ford Wheeled Carriers - Canadian Ford Quad 44 chassis with Indian armoured hulls.
Wheeled Carriers, NZ Pattern - New Zealand version of Indian armoured carrier, narrated by Jeff Plowman.

ISSUE No. 46 (January 1994)
The Canadian Valentine - A British Infantry Tank, made in Canada, for the Red Army.

ISSUE No. 48 (July 1994)
The Loyd Carrier - Profile of the Loyd-designed Tracked Carriers by David Fletcher.

ISSUE No. 49 (October 1994)
Loyd Carrier Variants -SP gun mounts and other developments, by David Fletcher.

ISSUE No. 51 (April 1995)
RAM, The Canadian Cruiser Canada's contribution to the Medium M4 tank's development by David Fletcher.

ISSUE No. 52 (July 1995)
RAM Tank Variants Command/OP, ARV, Kangaroo and other versions, reviewed by David Fletcher.

ISSUE No. 53 (October 1995)
Sexton SP Guns - The Canadian Self-Propelled Tracked 25-pounder, described by David Fletcher.

ISSUE No. 55 (April 1996)
Canadian Disposals and Returns - Canada-Europe; some vehicles did it twice.
The Dutch Inheritance (1) - Deelen Demob Vehicle Park.
The Dutch Inheritance (2) - The Enschede Dump.
Holland's Vehicle Parks - Soesterberg: 1 VP, Stroe: 2 VP.

ISSUE No. 56 (July 1996)
Surplus MVs for UNRRA - Part 1: Transport for Albania, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany.

ISSUE No. 57 (October 1996)
A RAM called Sheep.
Surplus MVs for UNRRA- Part 2: Transport for Greece, Italy, Poland, Eastern Europe and China.

ISSUE No. 63 (April 1998)
The Anglo-Canadian Capland - A Universal Rear-engined Wheeled Carrier project.

ISSUE No. 68
Chevrolet C8A Prototype

ISSUE No. 69
Exercise Eskimo
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