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Great photo of 'The RAM' Jakko!

I think it might be your E32, which by the way is a D6A, not a D7A (to be more precise, in your pdf the dozer on your first photo - Dozer 'D' in Hanno's post #64 above- is a D6A, located to the right front side of LVT(4) E23, while the one on the second photo, on the left front side of E23, is a D7A).

They are stuck at a similar angle, the left track is broken on both, the engine cover top plates are missing (not that this is exceptional on dozer wrecks!), and the angles of shot of the photos are compatible. More importantly, it seems that their Reg Nos are both E243xx7 (possibly E243927 or E243957).

It might be worthwhile to get a higher resolution scan from Beeldbank Zeeuwse to see if the Reg No could be read.

I think I can see the remains of AoS 12xx on the right side (left on your photo) of the front plate. This could be 1232 or 1236 for 149 Aslt Pk Sqn, although this unit is not suppposed to have landed any dozer on the right side of the Gap, but it could be another RE unit altogether since many had similar AoS serials.


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