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Default Internet Wayback Machine

[QUOTE=Jes Andersen;231667]Great pictures. You sure are getting a chance to get around and see the sights. If I recall, that location was an original Pine Tree Line site started up around 1954. Some of the other concrete structures were there at the north end of the runway a few years ago. There used to be an excellent web site with history and pictures from the sites across Canada, but unfortunately, the site owner passed away and the site went with him. Comox was well represented in photos there.[/QUOTE]

The page might not necessarily be gone.
1) If you have the URL, go to the Internet Wayback Machine Archives site. They are a massive webpage archiving movement (more than a project by now). Their robots scan millions of pages a day and take a snapshot. The results are searchable on a calendar type interface. But you need the URL to start.
2)Sometimes Google and others will have previously searched and scanned pages, and that can be a start if you don't have the URL.
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