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Default Tyres

Because they were relatively cheap and plentiful a lot of people in Australia have fitted 12.00-20 tyres to their blitzes. On the Fords the one on the front right will polish the end of the pitman arm and make an annoying noise in the process when on full left lock, so that is the maximum size you can go to.

Originally Posted by BCBlitz View Post
morning all

out of curriosity what would one say is the largest tire a person could put onto a 20" 60CWT wheel ?

I have my F15A but it has 20" wheels on it with 9:00x20 tires so currious if anyone especially the overseas boys could chime in as Ive seen alot of bigger more modern tires and treads on some of there CMP's.

If the OEM tire size on a 60CWT was 10.50x20 could a person go 12:50x20 and still be able to get the rim together and put on a F15A ? ........ I dont even know the width of a 30" wheel anyone know ?

Id love to see any examples , just kinda thinking outside the box as I may end up some where down the road getting DOT approved tires as Im sure none of these military tires meet DOT approval for vehicle inspections.

Its a Canadian thing ........

Just currious ......
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