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Default M4CDN mortar sight or C2A1 mortar sight

As the title says I am looking for either of the two above listed mortar sights for a project. It would be no problem finding a normal US made M4 sight, however I insist on finding a Cdn one. I missed an ebay auction a couple months back which had a fairly minty one along with it's M84 case made by ALCAN. That would be my ideal find.

A C2 sight is also suitable, however I must ask that nobody goes liberating one from their QM on my behalf. I know the UK and other countries also use these sights, so they may be on the market somewhere. I am not interested in the Indian copy of this site.

A couple photos of what I am looking for:

So if you got what I need, then please shoot me a PM and we'll work out a deal.
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