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Default GSGS maps


In regards to the GSGS maps I have noticed quite a difference in the contour lines between the 1:50,000 maps and 1:25,000 maps. In particular I'm looking at GSGS maps for the area around Caen, France, both are 1943 editions and in some cases the contour lines are not even close to being similar. One says you are going up hill and the other says down hill.

Does anyone know which are more accurate? or have access to the modern French Blue series 1:25,000 topo maps???

I have an original GSGS 4250 1:50,000 map and there is a disclaimer at the bottom saying that the contour lines "have been interpolated from spot heights and hachures on the French 1:80,000. Their probable accuracy varies with the number of heights and the nature of the ground. They should be accepted with caution."

Unfortunately I only have photocopies of the 1:25,000 maps for the same area, so I do not know if there is a similar disclaimer.

Any discussion on WWII Allied map making for the NW Europe campaign would be appreciated.

Tony Viste
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