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Thank you to the organizing committee for another great event.
It was great to put faces to names of this forum and HMVF, I'm sorry that I missed the group photo shoot.
I arrived on Friday to find that the Bandiana boys had decided that our site from last year, at the airport, was the better sight.
We set up for wet weather having loaded on Thursday in the rain, the first rain we have had for 2009.
The LYNX didn't make it to the parade as on the run down she was overheating, but as this was her first decent run she went well and all we have to do is find a few missing parts and the overheating should be fixed.

The Israeli half track went well until a welsh plug started to leak on the return trip, another repair job.

The MRV (M113 with Scorpion turret) had a good run around the paddock after a ride on the Mack Truck for the parade.

Sunday morning we were up again bright and early to return the vehicles to the museum for the National serviceman's reunion.
Well I hope every one got home safely and we hope to be there next year but we don't have many Jeeps in the museum.
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