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Default Trip Home

Hi all - what a brilliant Corowa this year. Crossed all the hurdles with Phoenix and had her running. Boy I am looking forward to the moving footage. Had a dream run home until we hit the last big hill, known as the Big Dipper, just short of Mount Barker where we lost the clutch in the Hino. With Ada's guidance managed to park the truck next to the guard rail but a bit scary with the rear end with all that tonnage pointing down hill and just holding on spring brakes. Found rocks and rammed them behind the rear wheels. Then had to organise a tow truck from Adelaide, $185/hr depot to depot. Huge tow truck arrived, towed us to a safer location, driver adjusted the clutch and we made it home 4hrs later than expected. Then half a bottle of brandy between the two of us and then to bed about 4am, absolutely shagged.

Anyway, apart from that bad experience, the rest of the trip was good. Met many MLUers and other old friends. Bought a great set of seat covers from Rich who obtained them from an upholsterer in Barnawartha and obtained a few more instrument panels including one from Robert. And yes Robert I can use a lot of it. It was great to meet you and the boys and apart from your sad news I could see the three of you were having a ball.

Thats all for now before the system logs me out.

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