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Here is the official vehicle list. Thanks to Keith Webb for correctly identifying each Blitz. We were told of 41 Blitz trucks in the parade but we have 43 entered. Perhaps 2 didn't go in the parade.

Entered Vehicle list
31 Chevrolet Blitzes, 12 Ford Blitzes, 22 Landrovers,
28 Willys Jeeps, 33 Ford Jeeps, 4 Ford/Willys Jeeps,
7 GPAs, 1 LP2A Machine Gun Carrier, 1 Mortar Carrier reproduction,
5 BSA Motorcycles, 1 BSA Motorcycle & sidecar, 1 BMW R71 Replica,
1 Dodge M37, 1 1972 Bedford MJ, 1 1991Yamaha XT600motorcycle,
3 Studebaker US6, 2 White M3A1 Scout Cars, 4 Dodge Weapons Carriers,
1 1949 Skoda Staff Car, 1 1939 Chevrolet Sedan, 1 Ford Lynx Armoured Car ,
1 Saracen, 1 DUKW, 1 1980 MRV Medium Recon Vehicle,
1 LARC, 1 Leyland Moke, 1 Nash 3710 Sedan,
2 GMCs, 1 1958 Toyota Weapons Carrier 1 Pontiac Utility,
1 Chevrolet Yankee Joe, 1 Kubelwagen, 1 Dodge Carryall,
1 1950 International Tractor , 1 Centurion Mk 5/1 Tank, 1 1978 CVR(T) Striker tank destroyer,
1 1972 Alvis Sabre Light tank, 1 Buffalo LVT4 Amphibian, 1 Kaiser Wrecker,
1 Mercedes Unimog, 1 Austin Champ, 1 Humvee,
1 Ford 15cwt ute, 1 Haflinger, 1 White Half Track (Israeli),
1 1953 Ford Truck, 1VW Prototype buggy, 3 WLA Harley Davidson motorcyles,
1 BSA Folding pushbike, I 1970 International ACCO, 1 1979 Inter 510A Fire truck,

Official tally: 194

Also attending: 2003 Ozamphibian Platypus 1 Yak aircraft

Seen in Corowa but not recorded as entrants were:
Mark Sierant: 1945 Ford F60S Ambulance No2 body frame only collected during the rally
1 British Carrier on a truck that was for sale (and I believe was sold)
Willys Jeep beside the site office at Ball Park
Suzuki motorcycle on the back of Steve Dietman’s Truck
Landrover on the back of Steve Dietman’s truck

Amongst the Canadian Military Pattern vehicles (Blitzes) were:

John Hedges: 1940 Chevrolet C30 Cab 11
Howard Holgate: 1941 Ford F15 1C1 GS
Tony Elliott: 1941 Cab 12 F60L Dropside Tray GS Ex 2-pdr Portee
Christoph Zimmerli: 1942 Ford F15 2C1 GS
Julian Smith: 1942 Ford F15 cab/chassis
Len Shutt: 1942 Chevrolet C8AX with Australian No 2A GS
Max Hedges: 1942 Chevrolet C15
Alan Carpenter: 1942 Chevrolet C15 No2 GS
Euan McDonald: 1942 Chevrolet C15A WO9 No2A Office
Steve Simpson: 1942 Chevrolet C15A WO9 Office with two No2A GS bodies joined end for end
Robert Farmer: 1942 Chevrolet C15A No2A GS
Colin Morley: 1942 Chevrolet C15A 2C1 GS
Bob McNeill: 1942 Chevrolet C15
John Stokes: 1942 Chevrolet C15A (lengthened chassis) Ex-WO 12 Wireless Signals
Colin Morley: 1942 Chevrolet C15A 2C1 GS
Russell Hughes: 1942 Chevrolet C15A 2C1 GS
Tom Jensen: 1942 Chevrolet C15A
Ashley Wilson: 1943 Chevrolet C15A WO8 No2A GS
Glenn Burne: 1942 Chevrolet C15A 2C1 GS
Robert Pearce: 1943 Chevrolet C15A
Barry Petersen: 1944 Chevrolet C15A with Chevrolet commercial pattern cab
Glenn Jorgensen: 1943 Chevrolet C15A with fabricated “HUP-type” body
Bill Bates: 1943 Chevrolet C15A with fabricated “Gun Tractor-type” body
Ian Styles: 1942 Ford F15A No2A GS
Ashley Wilson: 1942 Chevrolet C30 Ambulance No1
Hugh Thompson: 1945 Ford F60S Ambulance No2
Col Feather: 1945 Ford F60S Ambulance No2
Army Museum Bandiana: 1945 Ford F60S Ambulance No2.
Andrew McIntosh: 1944 Chevrolet C60S (fabricated camper body)
Rick Cove: 1943 Chevrolet C60S (Ex WO78 No6 CGT)
Ben Gruber: 1943 Chevrolet C60S Pacific Fire Tender
Bob Moseley: 1942 Chevrolet C60S Half Track prototype reproduction (Ex WO78 No6 CGT)
Roly Davey: 1945 Ford F60S modified as a bushfire tender
Jim Oxlee: 1945 Ford F60S 400 gallon water tanker
John Oldenmenger: 1942 Chevrolet C60L Dropside Tray GS
Tim Langley: 1943 Chevrolet C60L Dropside Tray GS
Rob Jacobs: 1943 Chevrolet C60L Dropside Tray GS
Noel Patrick: 1943 Chevrolet C60L Dropside Tray GS
Tim Scriven: 1942 Ford F60L 2-pdr Portee
Aaron Fell: 1942 Ford F60L cab/chassis
Army Museum Bandiana: 1942 F60L Workshop
Mark Weltner: 1945 Chevrolet C60X
Euan & Katrina McDonald: 1945 Chevrolet CGT No9
Alan Larkin: 1942 Chevrolet

Amphibious Vehicles include:
7 Ford GPAs: owned by Roger Ross, Trevor Boyle, Mitch Groves, Army Museum Bandiana, Don Wilson, John Hecker & Jim Bennie
1 DUKW: owned by the Army Museum Bandiana
1 Larc: owned by the Army Museum Bandiana
1 Buffalo: owned by John Belfield

1 Ozamphibian Platypus (not military).
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