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Originally Posted by Hanno Spoelstra View Post
Have replied to your e-mail, we will work something out for you as a long serving member and supporter.

But PayPal is a global platform, so one does not need to have local representatives in each country to go around the membership with a tin money box - dude, it's all about electronics these days!
I am up on all the electronic world wonders but have dealt cash through the mails for years..
Was out to the bank and post office and mailed out $20.00 to Shawn already ..then came back and got your e-mail and this posting..
If Shawn needs beer to lubricate his throat while he slaves away over a hot laptop,while zapping curmudgeons and whackos that are infesting our MLU FORUM..Then he will need some cash...The Beer store doesn't take Pay Pal..
We want to cover ALL our expenses and if beer is an expense for us then it is money well spent..
Alex Blair
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