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Default Help.

Originally Posted by Hanno Spoelstra View Post

To keep this forum up and running and make some improvements, I need the help of people who know vBulletin, the software this forum runs on. Some of the things I need figuring out (but lack the time to do so) is:
  • changing the standard messages sent out when one signs up, etc.
  • adding a forum
If you or anyone else has some spare time to get oneself acquainted with vBulletin, please do and post your findings here. Their forum seems to be a good place to start reading and asking questions.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Hanno.
I know you are doing yeoman's duty on the MLU site as well as the rest of our admin troop and am not really familiar enough with computers to volunteer for admin status,but am sending in donation money to Shawn again this year.
I have his address in Waterloo and am sure he has expenses that I can contribute too.
Not into Paypal is my best weapon.
Anyway I tried to PM Shawn but he is not listed on the site under his real name for maybe obvious reasons..
But will post here as I assume he will get it that way.

My yearly donation is on the way to you..
Put it to use where it helps best.
Alex Blair

Will be in the mail Monday.

Alex Blair
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