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Default GoPro

What a great idea Phil!

Just to add another point about things which make changing difficult, particularly when changing up is a weak throttle return spring. You really want to have the revs die right down when lifting the clutch pedal in neutral on changing up.

Originally Posted by Phil Waterman View Post
Hi Ken

First off don't think you are going to damage the transmission with those little crunches. Because you are not likely to hurt these transmissions unless you really grind them or use a lot of force. If you are having problems shifting lets check a couple of things:

  • Does your clutch fully disengage?
  • With the transmission warm and clutch disengaged can you shift through the gears without excessive force on the lever?

Everybody is correct it is just a matter of practice the more you shift the better and smoother you will get.

Sounds like we need GoPro Film Challenge, for those of you with a GoPro or other small video camera that you can mount to show the gear shift and the peddles lets see who can come up with a good video. Think we should have couple of goals:

  • Best technical video in that it most clearly shows the feet and hands
  • Best actual shifting how smoothly can you shift up through the gears and back down. (no editing the sound tracks)
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